Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Student Story.

This was made for me by one of my very gifted students before he graduated.

Jose came to us in 9th Grade. (Aged 15, for those not used to the American school system. Again, I'm not using this student's real name.) He had lived in Mexico all his life.  He came from a good and caring home and was a bright, and polite young man -- not to mention handsome! When  his mom married an American businessman they moved up to our area.  That's when Jose joined our school.

He and his family had great plans for him to graduate on time, (at aged 18,) and then attend a top notch American University.  The major problem was that Jose did not speak a word of English.  Because we were a small school, we thought we could try to give him the start he needed.  He immediately made friends with another student his age, who took him under his wing.  Between them they worked out the language problem and Jose put in an enormous amount of time learning all the necessary school work as well as the language.  This was a determined and motivated young man!

Of course He made it -- just as he planned.
I thought you might like to read what he wrote on the back of this drawing.  (I have covered his name).
What a sweetheart!


photowannabe said...

It shows that determination and compassionate help can do anything. Beautiful story and this art piece I'm sure is a treasure to you.

Autumn Leaves said...

Beautiful piece and even more beautiful young man. Thank you for sharing this story, Chris.

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely story and yet another expression of the strength of the inner spirit to conquer problems. x

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

So lovely o have students appreciating your work.

He is so gifted too.