Friday, May 20, 2011


A couple of days ago I showed you the kittens at the shelter and promised to show you some of the cats.  So here are three of them -- but don't go away yet because the best news is yet to come.

CAT #1 -- Gingersnap
A tuxie male

Cat #2 Tabitha
(A chocolate Tortie)
(a little blurry because she wouldn't look at the camera. She knew the flash was coming)

Cat #3 -- Fluffy --  shakes hands and gives high fives.
(Looks like a snowshoe but doesn't have the blue eyes)

These three cats have been in the shelter in the community room together for more than two months.  It's a big room with climbing furniture and toys and lots of comfy beds.

I have been planning to adopt a cat pretty soon, but I wanted --
a) A female.
b) A black one because people don't adopt black cats (Silly superstition).
c) It would have to be about a year old.

However, you know what they say about the best laid plans...!
So I adopted one of the three above.  
GUESS WHICH ONE...???...and why?

I have been visiting these three cats (and others) twice a week for several months.  While doing this, one of them really impressed me, but I kept thinking , no, he doesn't fulfill my requirements, I'll just keep waiting.

So I waited, and waited and meanwhile, that cat kept working on me!
So on Wednesday I decided to take the plunge, not because I couldn't wait any longer but because this cat was so sweet-tempered and affectionate that I thought it would be foolish to pass him up when I might not find another one with just the right temperament.  Lots of cats come and go at the shelter and most of them would make excellent pets, but I was looking for something special.  It's hard to say what exactly. I was looking for some kind of connection and especially one that would look right in my eyes, showing that he was responsive to humans rather than just other cats. But I have only seen about five cats all year that have this sweet, compliant temperament and we have 50 or more cats there at any one time.



He really isn't scruffy but 'Fluffy' is such an unimaginative name and it was my husband with his typical British humor who suggested 'Scruffy'. He felt it suited the cat's masculinity better!
We have had 'Scruffy' three days now and he is the most affectionate -- without being demanding -- cat that I  have ever had.

More about Scruffy later, as some of you might be bored with cats.


MorningAJ said...

Even before I got to the news I knew! Fluffy's gorgeous and I would have been tempted myself (but we already have a Fluffy - I'll find a photo and post it on my blog -and I think poor Gingersnap looks sad and in need of some love.)

I'm so pleased that you have him. He looks adorable. :)

Autumn Leaves said...

Congratulations Chris! I wondered when this would happen. Scruffy is a beautiful boy. My male is much more affectionate than my two females and he is a charmer too. I tend to prefer males in both dogs and cats for some reason. I think they are slightly more laid back. And by the way, I never get bored when you talk of the kitties.

snafu said...

I knew it! You said he and Scruffy was the calmest looking. The only problem I have with you talking about cats is that I am in no position to have one and I miss them being around.
Give him a high five from me.

Anonymous said...

How will you train him not to use his front claws?

He is a pretty nice cat. Looks like a Tuxedo in a summer suit.

kaybee said...

So happy for you, Chris! He's lovely and will be well loved! Even those of us who can't have cats still enjoy hearing about them :}

duopastorale said...

Beautiful! That was my choice too! Blessings from Mike :)

jabblog said...

Those gorgeous golden eyes would melt any heart. I'm so glad Scruffy has found his home with you. He is just adorable and I'm looking forward to more stories about his life with you. I like his white v-neck:-)

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful little chap. Enjoy him, Chris. x

Jane and Chris said...

I just wanted to say welcome to my blog! Thank you for following, hope you do not get too fed up seeing my life....but at least there are cats!!
Congratulations on becoming a new cat Mum!!
Scruffy (who is the least Scruffy cat I have seen) is ADORABLE!
Jane x
PS Now following you too....we cat lovers stick together!

Morning's Minion said...

I read this post last evening and was so pleased to learn that a cat is gracing your home again. He looks anything but "scruffy"--quite sleek and dignified.
I hope that he will bring you nothing but joy [well, of course there are hairball moments!] and will have a long and healthy life. He is a lucky boy.

Werna Gail said...

I have had cats all of my 67 years.
We are down to 4 now and no plans to get any more.But there was no plan to get the last ones soooo, they seem to find their way here!
Your Scruffy looks like he will be a dear friend. LOVE the kitty pictures.

Patsy said...

We lost our black cat after 16 years. We just can't seam to get up the courage to look for a new one.Reading you story makes me want to.
I read your comment on Winchester blog about the original manuscripts that was how I was taught the Bible.

Rarelesserspotted said...

I can never be bored of cats, had them most of my life, much preferred to dogs. He looks absolutely great - I hope you have a long and fruitful relationship

Anonymous said...

congratulations - it took you longer than I thought - he looks like a charmer!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your new family member, I am sure he is also much more happier in his new home with you both.