Saturday, June 11, 2011


If you're not into cats, you'd better skip this post.

This is what tipped the scales for me.
(An advertisement seen in several magazines recently.)

How can you resist those eyes?

 His Response
"This is mine...all mine..."

(In case you're wondering, Scruffy has Moth wrapped around his little white paws.) 

"This is my other best place to sleep
other than the bed of course.  But I'm very polite.  I sleep at their feet.
In fact my new mom says I'm the politest cat she  knows.

This is what I've heard her saying:

1.  I don't beg for people food.
2. I don't get up on the counters.
3. I use the kitti-litter box appropriately.
4. I love cuddles, but I don't intrude. I know she likes cuddles, so I give plenty of cuddle time but I'm not a nuisance.
5.  I'm not easily spooked, even when the blender goes or she takes out the aluminum foil.
6.  I don't fret when they go out, but I do greet them politely and sweetly when they come home.
7. I don't meow very much and when I do it's kind of raspy.  But I chirrup when I greet you.
8. If I want something I just stare at her and follow her around. Eventually she catches on.
9.  She hears MOTH talking to me in the morning and when he brings her a cup of tea in the morning (isn't she lucky), I stay on the bed for a little uninterrupted cuddle time.
10.  I have my very own TV Game Player.  There's some very cheeky squirrels who come up to the patio window and try to tease me, but I soon chase them off, even if I do bump my head and nose. 
11. I know my name.
12. I come when I am called.

And I give 'High Fives'
(I am left handed by the way).

This is where I sit in the kitchen so I can keep an eye out for those trouble maker squirrels.
I can hide behind the arm of the chair and they don't know I am there, then I pounce!

Other interesting facts:

I have very soft short fur and I maybe part Chartreux and British shorthair.
I hardly shed at all.
My eyes often look more amber than yellow.
I am eight years old.
The shelter gave my new owners a special price because they are over 65 
Then they gave them another special price because I am over 7 years old.
So actually I cost absolutely nothing. Those people at the Carlsbad shelter are so good to their cats.
Then they gave me a micro chip for nothing in case I ever get lost.
And finally they gave me a five pound bag of food (Science Diet) which I don't like very much, but I eat it because I am polite.

My favorite treat is....wait for it.... PETROMALT. 
 Boy are they happy about that!  I did have a small hair ball problem the first week but nobody gave me Petromalt at the shelter.

 My other most favorite treat is ice cream or milk but they won't give me any, even though I almost lose my manners and crawl right up to their mouths if they are having it. Mom is going to try a tiny, tiny drop of Cat Sippy Milk to see if she can use it as a special treat when needed -- but only a tiny drop.  I've heard all about my predecessor, who I must say looks a lot like me, but I would NEVER do to their carpets what he did!


Jane and Chris said...

Scruffy, you are THE most beautiful, well mannered boy. Your new Mummy and Daddy must be so very proud of you.
Kisses and purrs from Jane and her fur babies... Pippa Oscar Zoe Fleur Sydney Jacob Duncan Heathcliff Abigail Gwendoline Imogen William and Madelaine XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
PS You are such a good boy understanding that milk will give you a bad tummy ache.

Wanda said...

Loved reading your post, and each of the great pictures...

Chris, this was a match made in heaven!!!!

Jose said...

I soooo love pets, when they belong to someone else. Therefore I love Scruffy.

kaybee said...

Almost thou persuadest me to become a cat lover!

But if thou hast dandruff it's a no go!

Rarelesserspotted said...

What a glorious animal and a brilliant post - thanks for sharing this with us.

Autumn Leaves said...

What a fabulous little Scruffy!

jabblog said...

Wonderful, heartwarming post for your lovely Scruffy.

MorningAJ said...

Scruffy - you are ALMOST as great as my gorgeous Barney - making you the second best cat in the whole world!

Unknown said...

Sounds like your new love of your life has really made himself a very warm inviting welcome to the family.

I am very happy for you and Scruffy.

snafu said...

Co-incidentally, I am staying in a house with four cats as permanent residents one of which bears a strong resemblance to Scruffy. But what on earth is Petromalt?

ChrisJ said...

Petromalt is the standard cat medicine for hairballs. Instead of throwing it up, it passes out the other end, therefore no mess to clean up. It comes in a tube and is basically mineral oil mixed with a syrup, presumably sweet, (I've never tasted it!) All my other cats have quite liked it, but Scruffy begs for it.I wish I could have four cats, but I'm happy I've got the one after our experiences with Bailey.

photowannabe said...

I'm not a cat person but Chris, you almost won me over with this post.
What a beautiful new member of your family. It truly is a perfect match.
Love your storytelling too.
Have a wonderful week.

duopastorale said...

Congratulations to Scruffy!! lol

Amanda said...

So sweet with her little paw out!

Anonymous said...

Obviously Scruffy has inherited your talent for writing! Loved it

Kath said...

Absolutely irrisistable!

sandy said...

he is one cute cat! I enjoyed reading what he had to say.

Marie said...

Scruffy, you are gorgeous! About time she had a new cat :-)

The Jessup Family said...

Congratulations on your newest addition :) Our last 2 dogs were named "Scruffy" before coming to our home.