Saturday, August 13, 2011


Thank you everyone for your sweet, heartfelt replies to my computer woes.  However the RAM was only half my problem.  The other half was that Google, or gmail, insisted that I had two accounts with them and I had to change the user name of one of them.  I think they took over Blogger or something, so that made two email addresses including my existing one.

I didn't WANT to change either of my user names.  But they got me!  They locked me out of my blog!!!!
I tried every which way to get into my blog  for days and I read pages and pages of instructions that always ended up "Was this information helpful?  Check the box yes or no."  You know which box  I checked. Nothing worked.  At one point I was not only locked out of Blogger but I couldn't get into my special blogger gmail account which held all my Blogger contacts and their letters for about the last 4 years.

I tried Google Help.  Absolutely no help.  Blogger Help was a little more forthcoming, and told me that my blogger account was now linked to a new gmail account with a new user name extended. I  now have to  enter 31 letters, followed by the password of course,  just to get into my blog. I've tried book marks and tabs and all kinds of stuff, to make it easier.  The 'stay signed in' check mark doesn't work for me either. So I have ended up putting a document on my desk top containing my new blogger address via gmail, so that I can copy and paste it into the 'sign in' box without making any mistakes.

Later, when they have all forgotten about me I may try to change my new gmail address to something shorter.


Now ask me about upgrading from Microsoft Word 2003 to Microsoft Word 2010  ---- No, don't bother....
I'm still haggling about that.  2003 was so simple.  2010 has way too many options.  But I'd been told, "Sooner or later everyone will have to have 2010.  Besides it's so much easier".

You know when you go to a restaurant and all you want is a turkey sandwich, this is what happens:
      "Would you like to sit inside or outside?"
      "Do you want oven roasted turkey or deli?"
      "What kind of bread would you like? White, wheat, sour dough."
      "What kind of dressing would you like?  Thousand Island, Italian, French, Honey mustard, Ranch."
      "Would you like it toasted or plain?"
      "With French Fries or sweet potato fries?"
Just give me a turkey sandwich!

 Well MS Word 2010 is 'way worse than that!

Ah well, I'm getting too old for this kind of stuff!

{You know what's really funny?  When I decided to look for a piece of clip art for this post, I entered the word 'frustration' and almost every option that came up was a picture of someone  frustrated with a computer!  Do you think they knew something we didn't, when they set up MS Word 2010.}


jabblog said...

I think it's called 'progress' . . . and very frustrating it is, too!

Autumn Leaves said...

Your last lines said it all, Chris. Thanks for the smile this a.m.

Rarelesserspotted said...

Fantastic blog - had me rolling about - been through all that! I have to say, bite the bullet and go for MSOffice 2010 - great programme.

Wanda said...

Oh Chris....I do feel for you, but my sides are hurting from laughting at your wondderful sense of humor and wit!!!!

The clip art is perfect~~~~

Looking forward to your new art!

Rosie said...

Oh dear, sounds like you've been having a very frustrating time with your computer, google and blogger. computers are so useful in many ways but they can be such a pain:)

p.s. I'm glad I don't live near any bears too!!:)

Anonymous said...

I have more downs than ups with my computer key puncher. Patty and I have had them since the first Apple came out years ago. I gave up on Dell as I paid twice as much for their computers as an HP, for example, got the line to "India" in answer to my help calls. I switched to a new Apple Mac and Pat has one. They are often a pain in the bottom but that's OK. I still have a PC and some days never turn it on.

photowannabe said...

Oh, poor Chris. Computers...we love them and hate them.
I hope this will finally end your saga, even if its a total pain.
Blogger usually has me screaming when they do something to make it "more simple and easier"..haha.
Love the way you wrote this and had me smiling all the way through. Sorry it was at your expense though.

Amanda said...

Annoying! Internet Explorer won't let me log into my blog, I'm having to use Firefox. Just work will you - silly computer/internet! Hope you get everything sorted.

Mara said...

I have to turn my router off and on at least twice a week so I can keep going online!

The computer is definitely a love/hate thing and there are times where I would just like to take a big baseball bat and kick the life out of it. After I've saved the photos somewhere safe of course!!! I have learned my lesson.

Morning's Minion said...

I had such a good and helpful tech man in WY--if he couldn't walk me through something on teh phone he came by and fixed the problem. I'm dreading what may happen here.
When I needed a new PC in 2009 he had one built for me by Systemax--a company in Ohio--no out-sourcing and no phone calls to India. He had XP installed, saying that it is not apt to become obsolete.
Windows 7 on my laptop and Vista on J.'s. I think blogger has quie a few annoying issues [where have our 'followers' gone?] and they don't sort them very efficiently.
I don't want to be a 'mechanic'--I simply want things to work!