Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's time for a Scruffy update.  

A Success Story

We've now had him 4 months and 1 week.  We rescued him from our County Animal Shelter.  They tell us he is eight years old. The only information we have on him is that his family had to move away and that he was at the shelter for  3 months before we adopted him. If you would really like to know more details about this little sweetheart who is absolutely nothing like his name, please scroll back to June 11th where I have much more information about his cute habits and personality.

The newest information is that we feel like we have had him for years!  He is the best cat we have ever had -- and we've had six others before we had him.  Excuse me if I now sound a little besotted with him, but I guess I am.  He has a beautiful, sweet nature and just fits our family, (Moth and me,) perfectly.

As an older cat he does sleep quite a lot so most of these photos are of his sleeping places.

This is the foot rest of my recliner in the living room, where he spends most of the evening snuggled up against my legs, but if I get up to do something, he takes over the whole thing! 

In the living room is where I usually watch TV or perhaps work on the lap top. If there is not enough room for both him and what I am doing, on the footrest of the recliner, he will sleep under the little wooden circular table next to my chair that is covered by a full length tablecloth.  Poor boy, he's still half asleep here.  I just lifted the cloth and snapped.

He also likes to sleep under things in the day time.  If I am in the den working on the computer or reading, he sleeps under the little table I have next to my arm chair where I keep some of my painting things.  So we put a donut there and of course he took to it right away. 

During the day, if he is awake he will be in whichever room we are in.  He follows us around like a little dog.

Sorry this is blurry, but it's hard to hold the camera and receive kisses at the same time!  Yes, he gives kisses -- not just on your hand for something to taste, but hands, arms and legs and yes, even on the lips, which I know is not very sanitary. Moth doesn't know yet, but one day I just gave him an air kiss at his nose and I got a kiss in return and it wasn't just an accident because I have tried it several times since! What a sweetheart!

And here's the man himself, trying to look away from what he thinks will be the flash, (but I used a reading light instead.)

If I can I will try to get some shots of how MOTH and Scruffy get along.  It won't be easy because neither of them like having their photo taken.


MorningAJ said...

Chris he's gorgeous and so reminds me of our Barney (whose tale is quite similar - except I've had him closer to 8 years)

I'm glad you've found each other!

Autumn Leaves said...

Awww...he is so very precious, Chris! I'm so glad you brought him home.

Jane and Chris said...

I think he is besotted with you too! He is scrumptious! So very glad that he chose you for his forever home!
Jane x

Dartford Warbler said...

Scruffy is absolutely beautiful! Such a shining, grey velvet coat. I cannot imagine why he was not rehomed for three months, but thank goodness he waited for you!

snafu said...

He looks so comfortable in the first picture. What a lovely cat.
Kaybee has arrived safely and is on Internet again so will no doubt make her own comment when she is not so jet lagged.

Wanda said...

Oh Chris ~ he is beautiful. His coat and eyes... Oh my goodness ~ what a beauty. And how fortunate for him you and MOTH are such wonderful "pet parents".

We love Molly in the same way...some animals just grab our hearts, and hold us tight.

Love and picture of all his special places to sleep.

Doohie said...

A contented cat, he gives me the feel good factor.

Rarelesserspotted said...

He looks VERY much at home

Morning's Minion said...

What a beautiful and loving cat-creature--it would seem that he was meant to be part of your home.
I hope that you have many mellow years of companionship together.

Anonymous said...

Your cat is marvelous. And that you got him at the animal shelter is great. We got our new dog, three years old, Pepper Jax, a Jack Russell Terrier from the animal shelter, and, like your cat, he has been a perfect pet.

Jose said...

I am not a pet person but my future babe comes with a chihuahua. Ha, ha, I must adapt. Nice looking cat you have there Chris, I do remember your previous post.

kaybee said...

He's really lovely, Chris, and I am so glad that MOTH is in love with him too!

Enjoying time here with cousin snafu and Mrs. snafu. Jet lag is not so bad!

Patty said...

Glad the cat has worked out so well for you. We've enjoyed Pepper, most of the time, LOL He can get mischievous now and then. He seem to like to chew on my one pair of old shoes, if I let them lay around and leave the house and no one is here with him. I did find out yesterday, if I turn on the TV, he isn't as bad, I think he thinks someone is still in the house. but all in all he's a pretty good little fella. I believe he got scared on the 4th of July and jumped his owners fence. Because he can jump the gate I put up between the kitchen/family room are and the living room. Thanks for your visits.

Unknown said...

What a great update here, I can see in his eyes that is very content and happy.

Mara said...

He is gorgeous! And I'm known to be partial to ginger cats!!

I love how he sleeps on his back. I used to have one cat like that: all four feet up in the air and he was away chasing mice in his dreams!

sandy said...

the last photo of him is the best - great his eyes.

jabblog said...

It's lovely to have a companionable cat. Scruffy obviously appreciates his very comfortable home (and his doting owners)