Monday, September 5, 2011

What a Surprise!

I said the other day that I really don'r collect china but I do like to drink my tea from a china cup. Well there is one pattern of china of which I have collected a few pieces every year or so when we have visited England.  I have four cups and two beakers;  This is the beaker:

It is Duchess china and the pattern is called Greensleeves.  I love the colors o green and apricot together and this pattern is very delicate -- not even quite as bright as in the picture.

Well I was visiting over at Heart Shaped (click on the link) and she was telling on her blog about their village sale.  She showed some photos of what she was selling.

This is Heart Shaped's  photo which she kindly allowed me to use.  Now look in the center of the picture -- the little jug and cup and saucer -- "Greensleeves".  Sadly I was too late.  They've been sold.  They were only 50p each and I paid 12  pounds for my one mug!!  Oh well, maybe another day.


Wanda said...

So sorry you missed getting the jug and cup and saucer. I love that pattern. Just lovely... I must look for that in some of our Antique shops...doubt anyone would put that at the Thrift Shop!

Like you say...maybe next time. Your beaker is lovely too.

claude said...

Hello Chris !
Very beautiful the jug, cup and saucer.
I llve the color of your beaker too.
I loved your post about G.
I invite you on my blog today. My ten fingers are working again. I ask a riddle.

snafu said...

What a shame,but rather a long way to go for a bargain.

Autumn Leaves said...

I have nary a piece of China. Ah well. Hoping you find the cream pitcher and sugar bowl for your little collection of this lovely pattern!

jabblog said...

Oh, bad luck, Chris. Have you tried ebay or a special search on 'Greensleeves'?

Jane and Chris said...

Now we are all on the lookout, you will be inundated!
Jane x

Jose said...

You have to move fast Chris. But you are right, another time.

kaybee said...

That's a shame -- I will keep a lookout up here for them - lots of British china to be had a garage sales etc., Yes, soon you will end up with the whole set!

ChrisJ said...

To all my kind blogging friends: Thank you all so much for your volunteering to look. This is not so much a need as a 'would be nice to have'. It would probably cost as much to get them here as for me to order from the china shop I bought them from in Llandudno -- but at 50p what a bargain even with the postage!