Sunday, March 11, 2012


Twinchie topic this week is STEPS.  

Not getting out too much right now to find something different, but as I was looking through a catalogue, I came across this ad to sell  steps for elderly dogs.

As my husband would say..."Only in America!"....  Out in the islands (Micronesia), the islanders laugh at us for having dog doctors and animal hospitals.  You can understand when you see their hospitals and the fact that they have to fly to Guam or Hawaii for any important medical treatment.

When I first went to the islands I used to think that they needed a bunch of vets to neuter and spay the dogs, because there are so many of them around.  But after a couple of visits I realized why. They are emergency food rations and the meat is always fresh.
Sorry about that dog lovers, of which I am definitely one, but we do not realize  just how fortunate we are.  Funny, I don't hear about people eating cats.  There must be a reason -- perhaps because they eat vermin.  I'll have to Google this.

 See you on ABC Wednesday.

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Jane and Chris said...

Hehe he 'only in America'...we made steps for one of our elderly cats! Cats are eaten in some places in the world.
Jane x

MorningAJ said...

I think one of our cats could do with one of those.

Great twinchie!

Trillian As said...

Hi Chris,
thank you for your ice comment at Every Inchie Monday.
I love dogs too and love the idea to help old dogs comming into the bed.
He looks so proud! :-)

snafu said...

Wonderful! A doggy step ladder. You can get something like it for cats too.
I have been told that cat tastes of cat pee and should be avoided because they are at the top of the food chain and so accumulate more toxins than herbivores. I would have thought that would also have applied to dog too, but dogs have been eaten in many countries. Maybe they are fed a different diet if you are going to eat them.

kaybee said...

Eew - all that talk about eating pets doesn't sit too well with me. But your doggy is sitting pretty. I agree he looks prouds, but he also looks a little puffed out - too many steps, perhaps!

Anne said...

HI Chris, my cousin lived in flamborough from the 1970's but my uncle, her father would I think have lived there around the same time as you.His name was Terence Hargreaves.My mum and dad honeymooned at Flamborough in 1952 and spent many holidays there prior to me being born in 1957. What a small world it is!

EG CameraGirl said...

We do spoil our animals but we also think of them as members of our families. :))

Jose said...

Abby's chihuahua is getting old so I figure one of this would be very useful. The bed is high and chihuahuas are small.

sandy said...

I like your drawing! That does give one pause - to think of how we pay so much for medical care for our animals and others' see it as food.