Saturday, October 6, 2012


"Hey Dad!"

"See that piece of string down there?"

"C'mon Dad, you know what to do."

"Are you listening to me?"

"Let's play!!!"

"Pretty please...?"

UGH!  I give up!


Jane and Chris said...

Oh, poor Scruffy...we humans can be a bit dim at times.
Jane x

kaybee said...

DOTH should have been there, she would have been only too pleased to play with scruffy!

Morning's Minion said...


snafu said...

Poor thing. Humans never seem to understand their cats. A cat can stand by the door and say quite clearly in English 'meeowwwwt' and they still refuse to open the door.

MorningAJ said...

We know all of those! 'Pretty please' is Barney's favourite.
Scruffy is gorgeous.

kaybee said...

Oooh, MOTH is a Scrooge!