Tuesday, October 30, 2012

P is for Lake POWELL

Here are the last of my Lake Powell shots. Actually I have many more, but these are the best, I think.  So hard to choose.
That's us over there on the shoreline on the left hand side of the photo.

A closer view.  The house boat is beached with anchors.  No tides to worry about here.  Anchors always are a source of concern when we have sailed off the California coast.  Haven't done that for a long time.  But the tides and wind -- and other boaters, make anchoring a tricky thing.  We would usually set turns at anchor watch if we were anchoring overnight.
The scenery at Lake Powell is spectacular for miles and miles. 

Red sandstone sculpted into all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes.

The best time to take photos is when the sun is creating shadows and that wasn't always the case  when I took these photographs...
...so I had to adjust them a little. But just look at the reflections!

This was one cave that is a favorite  -- very deep.  Owen decided to dive in and investigate.
Just look at these striations -- just like molten rock frozen in time!

This one is interesting  because if you look closely you can make out what looks like an angel carved into the rock, just to the left of the shadow.  Of course it is known as Angel Rock.

And this is one of my favorite shots of the whole trip -- both my sons deep in conversation about the course home at sunset and the performance of the boat.
Both of them are very experienced sailors and pretty handy with mechanics too.  Level-headed and not likely to take chances, they have been keen sailors since they were young teens and have carried this love until now in their mid-life.  They have owned boats since they were old enough to buy their own and every summer vacation is spent on the water somewhere.

This is my contribution for ABC WEDNESDAY letter P.  To see more entries for this project headed up first by Mrs. Nesbitt and now by Roger Owen Green, please click on this LINK


carol l mckenna said...

Chris ~ What a wonderful trip with your family ~ breath taking photography ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Gill - That British Woman said...

isn't it wonderful what the weather can do to rocks?

Great shots,


Carver said...

Fantastic shots. I love the large rock faces. The contrast between rock and water are so beautiful. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Martha said...

How beautiful! Looks like a bit of paradise.

Roger Owen Green said...

So I should go there. My wife's maiden name is Powell...
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Kay G. said...

Okay now, I am have been waiting for more photos of Lake Powell!
I love this post! I see the angel in the rock! And I am thankful that I was able to travel with you. Thank you!
Your sons might like that book I did a post about recently, "Sailing Alone Around The World" by Joshua Slocum.
I know nothing about sailing, but I LOVED that book.
And I am with you, that is a great photo of them deep in conversation.

Wanda said...

Oh how beautiful, Chris. And I have to agree...that last shot of your sons is priceless.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow, picturesque!

Pile of Leaves
Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Black Jack's Carol said...

I, too, loved the shot of your sons deep in conversation. You and your husband have given them a lifetime gift in guiding them towards their love of, and knowledge about, sailing. And the rock formations were, as several said, breathtaking, especially with those wonderful reflections. A fascinating post, Chris!

claude said...

Hi Chris !
Your photos are very beautiful and this place too. So pretty colors.

Mara said...

It looks beautiful! And I thought it was a duck of some sort and then you tell us it's someone exploring that cave!

Reader Wil said...

Hi Chris again a beautiful series of photos! The Angel Rock looks like having hidden a fossil! It's very intriguing.
Have a great day! I hope you didn't suffer by Sandy.
Wil, ABC Team.

Leslie: said...

Spectacular and breath taking views! What a phenomenal holiday that must have been,

abcw team

photowannabe said...

Wonderful trip with amazing scenery. The Nevada Red Rock is breathtaking.
Great photos and I'm glad you got to be with family.

Lisa said...

Spectacular indeed!! These photos are gorgeous. I've never been to Lake Powell, but would love to go now that I've seen your shots.

LindyLouMac said...

Calling by from ABC Wednesday,what a great post. Lake Powell is certainly surrounded by some incredible scenery.

snafu said...

That is a fabulous place to explore by boat. The scenery is spectacular and your pictures show it off well. I love geology and find all those strata and patterns facinating.

kanab zipline said...

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