Saturday, November 17, 2012


Everyone's busy this week with Thanksgiving.  I just have to get away from all the hype.  I hate what they've done to Christmas and Thanksgiving. So I'm outta here!

Sorry, one more doodle.  I did this one a few weeks ago and wasn't sure I liked it, but I find it sort of  'grows' on you -- no pun intended. I could call it Veggies, but officially it is in my book as 'Foliage'.

Now, for the people who think I'm too hard on myself, I have to say I quite like this and may try another one like it one day soon.  

Really, I am not quite so hard on myself as it may seem.  As I said on AJ's blog, I have an analytical mind by nature and by training. I've been taught that  there's always room for improvement.  In a high school of 600 I only ever remember one  student getting an end of term grade of A- in seven years. (Those were the days when everyone's grade was read out before the whole school assembly!  Imagine that happening today!) To get a B o r B+ on any assignment was a great achievement.  The theory was, no one can achieve perfection.  How different from today when everyone must win a ribbon so no one feels left out or inadequate.   If you reward everyone, no-one needs to put out a lot of effort. Ah well, I'm on a hobby horse of mine now. 

As an educator of the old school, with a few of the new school more humane refinements incorporated,  I'd like to see a lot more emphasis on achievement, effort, respect, politeness, consideration and a more realistic approach to evaluation.  Amazingly, my students really seemed to appreciate this.

'Nuff said.

I picked up some malware this week, so haven't done so much commenting on ABC Wednesday as usual.  Watch out for Snap Do which likes to hijack your browser and then collects mounds and mounds of information, clogging you computer.  My computer guy's advice is, immediately shut down you computer. That stops it collecting. Then scream for help.  We're all clean and up and running now.

As I'm not as organized as my sister (see there it is again!), I will try to be on time with the weekly projects, but can't promise.  We will be spending two weeks together and that will drive my husband batty because we are so much alike in what we do and the way we think.  He will definitely be in the minority.  We both mumble too!  (Inside joke).


Wanda said...

You are a busy lady. My sister and I are very different in personalities, but enjoy very much being together. Since, I'm the extrovert...she always goes along with what I's my goal to get more input from her when we're together. She always orders what I order, and if I don't we sit there a long time...but usually we both like the same kind of food. HaHa.

Have fun with your sis.

Oh, I do love your "Veggie Tale"

Scriptor Senex said...

Enjoy your time with your sister. When GB and I are together Jo often gets things in stereo as we use the same expressions on the same cues.

I agree entirely about your views on education. Perhaps it's an age thing but I don't think so - I think we just have a more sensible approach.

(I like the new font for your blog.)

MorningAJ said...

I disagree with the idea of limiting results to B and B+. As long as the grades and standards are adjusted to 'good for your age/year' there's no problem with giving kids a good mark.

Never being able to get better than B+ is no encouragement to work harder. (I speak from experience here. My mother was an incurable fault-finder.)

ChrisJ said...

A good teacher gives as much respect, politeness, and consideration as she expects from her students. She also gives kindness, fairness, and as much positive feedback as negative -- as much love as discipline. I'm sure the B B+ thing has long gone now. Being good for your age/year is a problem because kids mature at different rates. Encouragement is a major factor. I always tried to find what the student was good at (not necessarily academically)and give lots of attention to that. I should really write a book but that's a daunting task -- I'd rather teach it and oh do I have a lot to say about bullying!

snafu said...

Nice veggies, you are good at these doodle patterns. Regards the hobby horse, my view is that you cannot deny who of us are tall short, strong etc, but it seems hard for some people to understand that we vary in capability too. Not many people would be devastated by losing a weight lifting contest, since most of us know full well we can’t lift the heaviest weights and we are prepared to accept that, likewise I expect some people can do a crossword in a few minutes that I would never be able to complete at all. Recently the ‘we are all born equal’ nonsense got out of hand and some misguided people tried to ignore we are not all equal, physically or mentally. It is not letting everyone win, although that is stupid, but giving children higher expectations than they can achieve that is most damaging. The world IS competitive, you need to be prepared for this early on and know your own strengths and limits.

LindyLouMac said...

What a great composition. By the way with I am with you all the way about Christmas hype!

Anonymous said...

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sandy said...

How beautiful this is! I enjoyed reading about your mumbling, ha. I need to visit here more I enjoy your blog - but I hardly ever get around in blog world anymore. Too much to do up here in the mountains, like walk and hike! I love it here.