Monday, November 5, 2012


Time  for another Inchie.  The topic this week is HEART: 

Valentines were never big in the U.K. when I was growing up.  Now, with the theme of heart, I couldn't think of anything but valentines.   This is my effort.

It reminds me of that song in Les Mis (one of my favorite shows), "A heart full of love..."

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Wanda said...

I can wish you a Happy Valentine's Day early...I loved the fall picture below in Boise. When we were there it was just beginning!!!

I'm ready to go back!

kaybee said...

That's a whole lotta heart on one inchie!

rtquilter said...

Lotsa hearts, Chris! Nice and colourful!

MorningAJ said...

It's almost a tangle too, isn't it? Nice one.

snafu said...

It seems to be vibrating with love.

Trillian As said...

Your heart is wonderful. Pulsating like it is a life.