Tuesday, August 6, 2013

D IS FOR ....


It would be bad enough to go to the dentist, but since we don't have dental insurance it is double the pain !

Just got back from a four hour stint at the dentists.  This is the second four hour appointment in the last month.  Today it was two root canals and prep for two crowns.  Prior to this it was prep and placement of two bridges.  My last long appointment included a quick visit from a dental surgeon because apparently I am a bleeder.  Now, before we can proceed any further I have to visit a specialist.  After that there will be a couple more visits.

It's a good thing we have almost sold the house or I would be without any teeth!  Did you know British people are known for their poor teeth, poor dental work and small mouths and jaws? Well we are.  The good news is that I have now found a good dentist in whom I have great confidence -- even if he can go for another trip to Hawaii on my dime.

Yes, the house is back in escrow for the third time but it is looking quite secure for us this time.

Here's another good "D" word:  DISCOMBOBULATE.  Don't know how I could have illustrated that one.  It means confusion and uncertainty.  It seems to have no definite origin, but evolved just from the sound of its confusion.  There is no combobulate to go with discombobulate.  But it seems to me that it is a very satisfying word that conveys exactly what is intended.

Well, it's been quite a summer of doctor's and hospital visits, but believe me I am still thriving and rejoicing.  I have my beautiful, cozy home to recuperate in, with tea and scones on the deck overlooking the creek.  (I feel like Mrs Bouquet with her candlelight dinners and finger foods  on the patio).

The Lord is good all the time.  All the time the Lord is good!

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photowannabe said...

Amen Chris!
All the time God is good.

I sure hope your home sale goes through this time. I didn't realize that this is the 3rd time.

I sure know about dentists and not going until it's too late. More bill than we have money for.
Those are awfully long stints in the dentist chair...Recover quickly. I know sitting and enjoying your cozy home and a good cuppa helps.

ChrisJ said...

Photowannabe: That's part of the sticker shock -- I have been going to the dentist regularly,just don't know why everything decided to go wrong all at once. I had two different dentists check it out so I know it's legit. Enjoying the cuppa with my sister this week.

Roger Owen Green said...

I had a root canal in the past 12 months. It actually wasn't painful, except the price!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Nanka said...

Been through all that at the Dentist's and just know very well that feeling!! I have given up now, at least for some time!!
Hehehe!! DISCOMBOBULATE - when you pronounce that word, it feels like there are no teeth in the mouth ;)

Leslie: said...

I was always afraid of the dentist because of childhood traumas. But I finally found a wonderful one and I'm no longer terrified...just get a bit anxious about going. But I do have good dental insurance so at least that part isn't too painful.

abcw team

Ann said...

I had a large bridge done last year with five teeth on it, I had been putting if off and even with dental insurance it was BIG $$$. I feel your pain (ha). Hope you heal soon.

Reader Wil said...

Oh Chris, that must have been quite an ordeal, but you have found us some interesting words. Good choices. Have a great day tomorrow.
Wil, ABCW Team

kaybee said...

I feel a bit like Mrs. Bouquet, too 😃

Beverley Baird said...

4 Hours! What a long time to sit with one's mouth mostly open! Hope you will soon be free of the dentist chair!

Patty said...

Dentist is one doctor I hate to visit. I once went to this older (retired from Army) dentist and I told him I would rather go through childbirth then come to see him. He said, yes, but you only leave here with a sore mouth for a few days, you have the baby at least till they are 18 or older and lots and lots of problems. LOL When I had my upper plate made, the dentist had to make it smaller then most adults and he also left off two teeth so it would fit in my mouth. I kept telling Abe I had a small mouth but he didn't believe me. I never got my wisdom teeth, wouldn't have had any room for them anyway. Abe got his and had enough room I think another set of wisdom could have come through.

I hope your house sells this time. That has to be frustrating.

I know what you mean about doctors, it seems this summer one of us has been going almost every week or so. Abe has two coming up, one is today, but that's just the foot doctor to have our toe nails cut, it's so nice, saves us all that bending trying to reach the toes and cut the nails at the same time without falling over. LOL

I have five. Have to do a pre-op, then a pre admission, then my heart doctor, then the surgery, and it's only a D&C as an out patient. You would think with all the appointments, I was going to have open heart surgery. I know I will have to stop the coumadin for about a week before.

Good luck with all of your dental problems.