Sunday, August 4, 2013


It's now been almost 5 months since we made the big move from our home of 40 years to our new, smaller but somehow roomier and airier home by the creek.  We just about have everything the way we want it now-- all the pictures are up, all the rooms set the way we want them and we know pretty well where everything is.   We managed to rescue several trees and shrubs that were dying from lack of care during the weeks in which the previous family moved out and the following weeks we were moving in.

Now look at this:

My plumeria, not only survived the move and a couple of shifts of position once we got it here, but is just beginning to flower -- lots of buds -- so I'm very happy about that.

Scruffy loves the access he has to the windows and has established his beds for the different times of day.  He loves nothing better than to play with his string and also to run the full length of the house, because it is a straight run through the living room, down the hall and across our bedroom to the patio doors on the deck. Definitely the 'galloping major'.  The lizards and the humming birds keep him occupied when he isn't sleeping.  Actually he seems almost rejuvenated.  
Just look at this handsome young man of ten years of age:

Another creature that inhabits our yard, back and front, is this one who did manage to do away with a couple of small plants which never grew large enough for us to find out what they were.
Haven't managed to get a photo of the skunks yet. In fact the mothballs seem to have worked very well.
Anyway, definitely no regrets over the move.  I'm still loving our new location.  My sister is visiting this week and we are making full use of the deck looking out over the creek and taking walks around the park and homes.


Jane and Chris said...

Scruffy looks great!!
Enjoy your time with your sister.
Jane x

Wanda said...

What a perfect spot. I'm sure finding just the right spot was a God thing. Scruffy is so cute.

kaybee said...

I am absolutely loving this home, and it's beautiful location. It's like a little bit of heaven!

Morning's Minion said...

Scruffy is a handsome cat--such an intelligent face!
I hope you are feeling well again--going to the dentist is a horror--surely nearly as bad as your ER episode.