Friday, August 23, 2013




Let's hear it for our firemen, who put their lives on the line time after time! This is especially appropriate right now because of all the fires burning all over the west.

When we first moved into our old house (we've just moved, so now it is old) which is everything on the left half of this photo, we were disappointed to find that the vacant lot at the end of our circle where our boys played baseball, would eventually have a fire house built on it.  That was 40 years ago and yes, the fire station was built.  It wasn't long before we realized that they were really good neighbors.  They never put their sirens on at night if they were called out and there was a degree of security in having an alert body of trained men, including paramedics, just down the street -- even a crime deterrent.

Once in a while  they would stop outside our house where there was a fireplug.  I think it had to do with training new fire-fighters.  One day I caught them with their shiny new engine gleaming in the sunshine, and took this shot -- after asking permission  first, of course.

This is my contribution to PHOTO SHOOT FRIDAY.  Please visit other participants for more photos on this topic. They can be found HERE.


Jama said...

I usually hear them roaring down the road to warn road uses to stay clear of them!! thankfully the fire station are located away from homes, except for the Fire posts, which are located right below the highrise apartments, fortunately they don't use their sirens.

Pauline said...

Good neighbours are a blessing! And firemen always keep their surroundings extremely clean and tidy!

snafu said...

Nice shot. California seems to need an effective fire service just now. I hope you are well away from the flames.

Barb said...

What a comfort to have the fire station so close. It will add to the property value too, should you ever sell. Nice picture.

GingerV said...

I had a ground floor apt. jeeze 25 years ago, that my bedroom window looked over a fire station, and you are right they didn't run sirens in the night.

MJ said...

Wonderful post and a terrific inspiration to those that do save lives. To all those firemen and paramedics, they have my utmost respect. I do suffer Epilepsy and cannot tell you how many times they have given me the most tender and loving care I can imagine any strange in the whole world has ever done. YAY for these wonderful group of people!! Nice to meet you, Chris.

sandy said...

Firefighters are wonderful - they put our fire out quickly here in Wrightwood a few weeks back and now there is one deep in the canyon that has been burning but not threatening anyone. They have been on that one too. Our little town had a thank you gathering for them awhile back at the community center.

I'm amazed at their little "communities" they set up when fighting a big fire - They were set up at Mountain High ski resort and it looked like a tent city, quite amazing.