Tuesday, February 11, 2014


While my sister was here I did a little more artwork.

This theme began initially when Son #2 and  his partner to came visit from Boise at Christmas time.  V. admired a small teaspoon rest that I had bought in Flamborough many years ago.  She really liked the two English robins on it.  English robins are quite different from American robins. Since I knew she had a Birthday coming up soon, I decided to draw them for her on a home made birthday card.

Then when Kaybee arrived she asked me to draw some pansies for her in the same format as  some other small ones (4x4") I had done last year.

Kaybee's Pansies

That set me to thinking that maybe I should do something similar for Kaybee's daughters.  So for one daughter I did this:


...because it has some personal significance for her.

 For the other daughter I chose to do this....

Pale Pink Plumeria

I don't know this daughter as well as I know Jasmine, but after much thought I chose the fragrant, but rather shy or retiring, pale pink plumeria.  I laugh now because I was way off. A  few days later Kaybee and I did a Skype call for me to meet 'Plumeria' and her family.  In actual fact Jasmine, Plumeria and I have many things in common and being shy and retiring isn't one of them, not now anyway. I  do remember Jasmine as being very shy as a child, as were Kaybee and I.  I don't know about Plumeria because our paths haven't crossed until now and I haven't had the chance to ask her.

One thing we all share, including Kaybee and I, is that we have all had a complicated background and upbringing.  But out of the complications the Lord has brought all of us 'girls' together and is in the process of producing new fresh blooms that have nothing to do with horticulture, genetics or evolution. It is an amazing story and one day one of us will write it.

So from flowers back to birds again. I am including this painting I did a couple of months ago of and English chaffinch.

A word of explanation is needed here for those who may be participating Mrs. Nesbitt and Roger Green's ABC Wednesday http://abcwednesday-mrsnesbitt.blogspot.com/  I am taking this round off because first, I am running out of photos and time to take new ones, and secondly because it has been hard to find time to do any painting.

By the way, if this is your first visit, my 'paintings' are done with Prisma Colors colored pencils.  


Terra said...

Your colored pencil drawings are charming, and I like the birds especially, and the pansies. How grand that you gals are in process of blooming as your stories continue.

claude said...

You are very talented, Chris.
English robbins look like our.
Smaller than the american ones.
Your robbins are very cute, flowers very beautiful et the chaffinch also.

Carver said...

I love your artwork.

Wanda said...

Your pencil work is just marvelous Chris. You really have a talent for that medium.

I need to get to Aaron Bros and restock my paints, I'm all but out of every color.

Been spending some spare time knitting, as it helps the stiffness I get in my hands.

Morning's Minion said...

I know little about art or the different mediums one can use--I do like the softness that your Prisma colors give to flower petals and the feathers of the birds.
I hope that English robins are as bouncy and cheeky as their American cousins.

Alan Burnett said...

We had a couple of robins like the ones in your picture in our garden last week but now they are hiding from the storms.

Laure Ferlita said...

Sweet pieces of art, Chris! Love the softness in both of the bird pieces.

snafu said...

Great pictures, you are very talented. I particularly like the finch, we get British robins and many other British birds, but finches seem to avoid our little plot of land. Just been to a rather sad event, wnere one branch of the family's younger blooms has unexpectedly faded away. Nice to know that yours are still blooming and budding and yes, their story is well worth telling, it reads like a novel.

sandy said...

Love your birds and the flowers! Nice job.