Saturday, September 29, 2007

Got it at Last!

Over a month ago Barry and I were sitting on the patio when we noticed a humming bird actually getting into the stream of water from our waterfall. He was fluttering his wings and having a good bath. Of course I didn't have my camera nearby, so I have been waiting and watching all this time, camera in hand. I had just about given up hope, because the weather had turned cooler and I thought I would have to wait until next year.

Then suddenly, there he was! The shots are not the greatest but it was the closest I could get and you can clearly see it is a humming bird.

The next day we had another visitor who has not been here before as far as I know. He is a Wilson's Warbler. The color in the first photo is the truest, because he was mostly green looking.

But this time I had moved my chair closer to the waterfall, hoping to get a better shot of the humming bird. Instead I got some quite good shots of the Wilson's Warbler.


Anonymous said...

Great photos! I admire your patience and thanks for checking our blog and for your prayers.

mrsnesbitt said...

Chris, love it love it!

Right.......tell me some places you love, here in North East of UK....
and we will try to get to visit them on our motorbike, take pics and post them on my blog.

Jon may have a few free days and rhe weather is good right now.

email any thoughts..