Sunday, November 4, 2007


Whew! Two weeks without the computer! I've been having withdrawal symptoms.
First you must go to:

to see what a great job Brid Free Press reporter, John Edwards, did in writing about my experiences with the San Diego County wild fires two weeks ago. The Brid Free Press is "The Bridlington Free Press", the local newspaper of my home town, Bridlington, Yorkshire, UK. (Brid is the affectionate local name for Bridlington.) The newspaper has a "Flamborough" section, which is the name of my village.

The fires are still all in the news
today, but they are contained (not out -- just won't spread any further). Sadly, there are now hundreds of people without homes and though the press may not write about them, they will be dealing with this catastrophe for several years to come.

Incidentally, the newspaper contacted me because I have a blog with them called "Homesick for Flamborough".

I try not to duplicate what I write here, on my "Homesick for Flamborough" blog. Two different audiences. To read my "Homesick for Flamborough" blog, you will have to Google its name. I can't make this blog link to it.

Here is the view from my back yard mid-day Monday. This is the Witch Creek Fire when it was about half an hour away from us. Thankfully we did not have to evacuate. My husband took this photo, as I was "out of it" on pain medication. The fort and flag are in my neighbor's yard. He built them for his grandchildren.

I really expect to be back blogging reasonably regularly now, that is until we go away for Thanksgiving. That will be another two weeks.
Thank you all you faithful ones who have kept checking back.

I'm still checking in on all my favorites.


Anonymous said...

I followed these fires every day for a long time. I was stunned to learn that some of them were started by children. And now there is talk about should we or should we not punish the children responsible?

I am happy you are back and safe and able to post about it. Nice post.

I did post some hummingbird photos yesterday at my website linked below.


kaybee said...

Welcome back - I missed you!
So glad you are on your feet again - on your blog again! Amazing photos. What a blessing you didn't have to be evacuated. Well done with the Brid Free Press article -- you/they did a great job!

Wanda said...

Since my daughter lives in Cardiff, close to San Diego, we were in contant contact.

Very scary pictures from your back yard. Glad you are safe.

Lara said...

just arrived on your blog - it's great that nothing bad happened to you, your family or your home.