Monday, February 4, 2008

Groundhog Day in Carlsbad

These petunias and geraniums have been blooming all winter long.
Yes, that is scarecrow mingling with the blossoms in the picture below.

It is a good thing that Groundhog Day wasn't yesterday as it poured with rain all day and half the night. But as you can see, he did see his shadow on the 2nd of Feb.

Last night, about midnight, another squall blew in and the wind rattled the windows and howled around the house. I lay there and listened until I thought I was back in Flamborough.

Speaking of which, I am so pleased because I have been receiving email from people who either lived in Flamborough about the time I lived there, or they would visit for holidays. Equally important, they found me through my website. I had over a thousand hits on my web site in January!


Wanda said...

Colors in Carlsbad...I can't wait to have more flowers when we move south.

Yes, Chris...and Zoo's too.

Miss Kitty, NFC said...

Hi Chris, thank you for your comment on my a cat, I appreciate your interest! And I love all the pretty birds you have introduced here on the blog - that red crested cardinal is very amazing.

I'm curious about this Carlsbad this your home town? Only asking cause that's where my person grew up, Carlsbad, California!

Miss Kitty

PS: You can get the astrology sign off your profile by unclicking the box in the "edit profile" page, I believe. This is what The Red Headed One (my person who is doing the typing for me) says.