Saturday, February 9, 2008


The man of the house arrived home Monday from the islands (Micronesia). He really had a fruitful time there. I bought these daffodils on the Saturday before, as a coming home present. We are part Welsh and both love daffodils. They were only $3 and all except one were tightly budded. I keep flowers out on the patio because of my allergies and they last longer. On Sunday night I almost brought them inside because of the rain and 'cold' temps we were expecting, but the next day they had just perked up so brightly that I'm glad I didn't. They obviously loved the rain. Anyway, here we are a week later and they are just beautiful.

The little greenery in front of the flowers is my Maiden Hair Fern which shriveled up and died in the fall. But when I bought it, the lady in the line behind me said, "It will die off, but just cut it back and it will bounce back as bright as ever. " And it has!

Here it is when it was thriving in the summer:


Wanda said...

YES, YES, YES!!! Spring is just around the corner....and you have given us a peek!!!



Anonymous said...

We also love daffodils and Martyn always asks for/picks the buds - the people are always surprised and say most people want them already open!! We have actually had 2 bunches here in the condo.

kaybee said...

Oh my!! That patio looks very inviting round about now! We are expecting ANOTHER 15 cms of snow today and It is -minus 10 degrees at noon! The city has had to literally clear away the snow from streets, not just push it to the sides, because there is nowhere else to put it all!

Your daffs are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I will warn M about his new tan line - I can't believe he hasn't shaved!!! It is so 'not him'!