Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is Quite a Mixture!

First, we have the display my husband and I put together for our Missionary Conference at the church last week. There are photos on this from Micronesia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, South Africa -- and the one on the bottom row, 3rd from left is what my husband insists is a photo of a Contemporary Worship Leader !!! (Please, no offense intended! It is actually an Australian Aborigine playing a diggerydoo). Better view below.

Next, we have two photos of the mourning doves who have been visiting us for the past week. Notice Bailey is keeping a sharp eye on them.

This next photo matches Wanda's 'UGH!' quality for the picture of licking a pig.

OH HENRIETTA! This is the third such deposit we have found on our patio in three days. Each piece is about three to four inches long. After the stormy weather we had last week, my husband saw a bedraggled looking coyote not a block away from our house. We talked to a neighbor who lives just two houses away and he leaves for work every day at 5:15 a.m. He says he sees coyotes every morning on our street, which is just a small circle. There used to be rabbits playing in the circle, but if this is what we think it is, then Henrietta had better take care! I have hardly seen her for three days. Today she just came and hurriedly picked up the food and took off again, and is now nowhere to be seen. Bailey was highly agitated about two nights ago, and we thought he must have seen or smelled another cat. The neighbor asked us if we had a rooster and we told him no, that it was two houses behind us. He hears it crowing every morning.

My son said, "Well you wanted to get rid of Henrietta didn't you?".... Well.... yes, but not by having a coyote eating her, and I certainly don't want to see or hear it happening!!

On a happier note, Bailey is an indoor cat, so he at least is safe.


Anonymous said...

hi chris...am slowly making rounds; appreciate your prayers and visits...God bless


Spooky said...

Oh, Bailey! Lucky you...you have a fireplace! Watch out for scary critters with big teeth!

Wanda said...

Licking pigs and "poop". Chris we are disgusting aren't we.

Really a great and interesing blog today. Loved all the pictures, except "one"..ugg.

Daughter of Annie said...

Chris, thanks for visting my blog and for you comment. I LOVE BIRDS.... not boring...:)

Thank you for your prayers. Please check back I appreciate any comments and thoughts. Mary