Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Exactly is Morning Star Messengers?

Rev. Albert Sturges, first missionary to Micronesia.
circa 1850

Islanders welcoming the Morning Star

In the 1800's American Congregational missionaries learned about many hundreds of islands, scattered north to south across the equator, between Hawaii and the Philippines. They had been badly exploited by the whalers and traders who had taken advantage of the islanders' unsophisticated ways. In addition, their culture included going to war, family or clan against clan, to claim villages and other areas of their tiny islands. The missionaries determined to reach these islands to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ and to bring peace instead of killing. It was an uphill battle since alcohol abuse and prostitution had already taken firm root. Eventually the missionaries, having settled on several islands, bought a ship to bring supplies for the missionaries and for the islanders. The ship was named the Morning Star after Jesus Christ, who is called the Bright and Morning Star in the Bible.

My book "Good News Comes to Pohnpei" documents the history of these early years of the Church in Micronesia. The stories are exciting and heart warming.

For the last 30 years my husband, among others, has been leading teams of Christians from the US one or twice a year, to help the churches in these islands. He helped establish the Morning Star Institute classes which train Micronesian pastors, who have churches on many tiny islands throughout Micronesia. When my husband retired as the pastor of the Carlsbad Community Church seven years ago, he founded the non-profit organization, Morning Star Messengers and increased his involvement in the islands. His ministry of this nature has now expanded to other countries of the world where he has been invited to help encourage other struggling churches in a number of countries of the world.

Want to learn more?
Read "Good News Comes to Pohnpei"
Revised and edited by Christine A. Jones.
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Wanda said...

You know I have a heart of Missions. All my life I have been involved in one way or the other. That's why I love to paint the faces of missionaries or children I find in the calendars and brochures.
I think this is so great what your husband does.

Blessing.... :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

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Hey Chris....the motorbike is coming out this afternoon and we are off in search of a photograph for ABC Wednesday...and it is F this week! Now............are you thinking what I am thinking?


Jose said...

What would this world be without the grat contribution of the missionaries?