Sunday, December 7, 2008


Here we all are in Kauai for Thanksgiving!
Son #2, Me, Moth, Son #1
None of us like having our photos taken and this was taken by a stranger so we are all looking a little self conscious.

The Garden Isle
So beautiful, so lush... our favorite place to spend Thanksgiving.
Not as much sunshine as the other islands, but what's a little shower -- or a heavy shower -- of warm rain? This is our fifth visit to this island and our sons' first.
This is a shot of the taro fields up near the Na Pali coast.

We had Thanksgiving Dinner at Gaylord's Plantation House, not far from Lihue. Five courses and all the trimmings!!! Tables are set on the U-shaped lanai. Beautiful! Behind the hedge is a small lawn with a lily pond and small waterfall directly behind the hedge. We shared the space with a couple of chickens and some Mynah birds. The two little girls are family of the owners.

After our mid-afternoon dinner we took a carriage ride around the grounds. Too full to walk and anyway it was free!

Riding in style!

Our condo grounds. It's actually a time-share -- the smartest thing we ever did, about 5 or 6 years ago, was to purchase this. Some people think it's not a smart investment, but for us it has been a wonderful way to spend every Thanksgiving.

In the center you can see the waterfall that goes into the swimming pool. While 'the boys' took the car to go snorkeling and scuba diving, we lounged around the pool. The temperature was ideal.

This is the first time we have all been together for about five years and the first Thanksgiving dinner for all of us together for many years.

Come back and visit my blog and I will show you some not quite so typical pictures of the island and our family at leisure.


Jose said...

Welcome back Chris. Well, there's nothing like spending this kind of quality time with the family. It looks like it's a beautiful place. A friend of ours took a trip to Hawaii about two weeks ago and said it rained on them all the time they were there. I too had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family.

Anonymous said...

Sure easy to tell you are all related!!!! How beautiful: maybe we should try staying on Kauai again - last time there Martyn was terribly sick so we were 'house bound' for 3 days: at least he was and I was able to walk.

kaybee said...

What a wonderful time you had - so happy for you! Looking forward to seeing those 'not-so-typical' photos!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

not fair!! :)
beautiful pictures and you have a wonderful family.

The Jessup Family said...

Chris, Thanks so much for our 1st comment and for letting us know about your blog. Cayce said he would not have recognized your boys if he passed them on the street. Obviously, they have aged and Cayce hasn't :) Congrats on your newest book! Bailey is very handsome. Thanks, Denise