Monday, December 15, 2008


O.K. I will stop posting about Kauai very soon. But knowing how I am fascinated with trees you will understand, I hope, why I have to post these.
These first two are in a glen-like place where a river meets the ocean. It was so beautiful and ethereal that I had to post both these pictures. A real island hideaway.

Mmm...a tropical paradise!

Then we have have real jungle vines. Definitely tropical.

This one was fascinating because of all the roots. Very exotic looking.

I like these trees whose leaves fold and drape. There were quite a few of these on the island.

This was at Gaylord's. Almost looks like an African tree with its branches spread so wide. That's Owen getting a closer shot. I'd quote "Under the spreading chestnut tree..." except that it's definitely not a chestnut tree.

Don't know the name of the other trees but this is definitely a coconut tree.
Mind your heads down below!

"And so, as the sun sinks slowly in the west..." Well, we won't say goodbye to Kauai just yet. I have only two or three more I want you to see. So please bear with me -- especially if you are buried under snow or ice -- or like us, under two inches of rain. One coming up is of our favorite reading spot.

This is what is known as prolonging the agony... Back in a day or two.


Anonymous said...

No need to stop posting Kauai on my behalf - I am loving the photos!

Jose said...

Yeah, I enjoy the photos too. Makes me want to be there.

kaybee said...

Great photos, Chris! It's not agony for me to wait -- just a little bit of envy!

Wanda said...

Hi Chris ~~ Sorry I've missed so many of your posts. Glad to be home and now I can finish up my decorating and baking.

Loved the pictures ~~ all of them, and especially getting to see your family and sons.

Handsome men!!

Love and Hugs

claude said...

Chris, I enjoy thos post because I like exotic tress specially the coconuy tree. Everytime we go to Martinique Island in West french ondies we drive in the tropical forrest. .We can see everywhere the plant with the roots. In my garden I planted several palmtrees very strong against the frost. I have bananatrees too.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

green, green- how I miss green! :)