Sunday, April 19, 2009


and everyone makes for the beach!
Temps in the high 70's yesterday 80's today!.

The surfers were out in abundance but I didn't like to take their photos. There were more of them than there were of me!

Of course the dogs and their owners were all enjoying the walk along the cliffs.
This is a Canadian Labrador. (Larger than the other kind.) He was beautiful.

"All creatures great and small."
I wanted the two dogs side by side but the chiauau was a little bit intimidated.

A quick glimpse of the flower fields on the fly, through the car window. Probably get more photos of these as my sister is down from Canada and we will be getting a closer look for her.


kaybee said...

Oh my! It's great to have a sister who lives in sunny California!

Enjoying every minute!

Cherdecor said...

I imagine that you have beautiful weather most of the time. I have never seen Canadian Labradors. They are beautiful dogs.

It is so good to be back to visiting blogs again. Thank you for your prayers. Even though I am very tired right now, I had a good day today.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

still cool here, but your pictures bring warmth to me. :)

Rune Eide said...

I think I'll change your view of the see for the one I just posted ASAP!

PS The picture was taken at the same time and the same place as the one I used two weeks ago.

Ken said...

So Chris which surf board is yours;)

Unknown said...

We are having a heat wave here in San Diego, too hot to even think straight since yesterday. So that is what those dogs are called, I often wonder what kind of breeds they were, very pretty dogs and I like the blue surfboards, never seen so many surfboards of the same color all at once.

ChrisJ said...

Good one, Ken!!! I can't even swim, never mind surf. Where I grew up not even the fishermen could swim. The water was too cold to survive in for long and with their thigh high boots and ganseys, they didn't have a chance if they fell overboard.

Jose said...

We went to Knott's this weekend and let me tell ya, the weather in S. Cal this past weekend was not spring weather, it was very hot! Oh and the little ones said Grandpa, it's sticky hot. That pretty much sums it all up.
I guess the ocean breeze may make a difference.