Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Return of Henrietta /"Nevermore"

If you've been visiting my blog for very long, I'm sure you will remember the saga of Henrietta.

She has returned to her rightful place -- outside our den window, looking as perky as ever.

Sorry, she is my replacement for Henrietta, because Bailey and I both missed her. She had to wait until the rainy season was over before I could put her outside.


Now we have the saga of the Crow, "Never More". He arrived on our patio last Thursday, making a lot of noise and talking to himself. He really did sound like a human talking -- among other things.

I decided to tolerate him. He reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"
"Quoth the Raven 'Never more'"

I have exchanged my camera with my husband's Canon Power Shot A560, so I was very happy to get this close-up. But how close was I? About three feet! However I still have a shaky hand so some of my photos are not as sharp as I would like them to be. This crow (not a Raven, I believe, as I was taught that Ravens have shaggy legs and crow's legs are smooth) has taken a decided liking to our patio.

First he pulled out this stone from a basket of African Violets we had been given for Easter.

Then he dropped it in this Peter Rabbit pottery watering can. After that he took it out again and tried to make off with the whole Peter Rabbit pot.

At that point I chased him off.

He came back. Next he tried to pick up this rock in his beak. We have it on a little table to use for holding down papers when we are sitting out there.

Then he went for the rope door mat. I chased him off of that.

Then he started pecking at the rubber stripping on the patio windows!!
Not a good photo, but I had to take it through the window.

Then he knocked the stone off the other little table and almost got this one in his beak.

Then he started on the Parade Magazine from the Sunday newspaper. I had gone outside to read the paper in peace and quiet!

He began to rip this up, so I chased him away again.

Back he came!
Finally, when I saw him making for the telephone I got out the hose.

He did eye me a couple of times and I think he was looking at my sweater! Since there was nothing else he could attack except me, I decided to call it quits.!
I don't know if he would have attacked me, but he was very close and that beak looks lethal. He was getting braver and closer by the minute.
So ends this saga -- for now.


Jose said...

Wow, totally amazing, you are a brave woman, many pictures were captured by you before you called it quits. And all the while Henrietta just sat there and watched.

Rune Eide said...

These birds are famous for stealing and using just about anything, so you did eight in chasing him away!

PS Thank you for the nice comment - The cottage was built and used as as our summer cottage - my roots.

Anonymous said...

looks like you could have your hands full this summer - maybe a 'stuffed' version or a statue of him would deter him! Or maybe it would make him jealous! Or maybe he would fall in love with it! The possibilities are endless.......

kaybee said...

What a cheeky crow! Do you ever get the feeling that nature is taking over?!

We have finally done away with our very expensive bird feeder as we simply cannot outwit the raccoon -- who is able to unscrew the very tight lid, and knock the bottom half of the feeder to the ground. He then gulps down all the seeds, leaving a very few for the rats. Yes! Rats, now! Well, that's it -- no more bird feeder for us!

But oh, I do so miss the birds.

ChrisJ said...

Yes, if you want to feed the birds you have to put up with the rats, squirrels, raccoons and crows etc. We managed to out fox the squirrels on the feeder. I haven't seen the rats lately and most of the mourning doves are too fat to get into our feeder.

Cherdecor said...

That is one scary crow! Imagine him trying to carry off your Peter Rabbit pot! I would chase him off for sure.

Cindybrown said...

Gorgeous pictures!!