Monday, May 4, 2009

What Else Did we Sisters Do?

We visited the Nature Center at Agua Hedionda Lagoon

The swallows were still nesting -- and plentiful.

We met Bella, the new dog at the center. Such a happy dog!

Met and admired this piece of art -- but I don't think I'd want to have him in my living room.

Went to Bible Study.

Talked to Ed, Felipe and Luis, our cherished grounds keepers, who keep the church campus immaculate.

Went for Mexican food at Rosarita's

Bought Bailey a new toy. It's not real!

The grande finale will be posted tomorrow.


Jose said...

Fun,fun, fun. I wouldn't want that spider either and I see Bailey's toy laying around I'll probably grab a broom and go crazy with it. lol

Mexican food, ummm. I'll have me some Carne Asada later on today. It's Cinco de Mayo and we have a company wide celebration which my warehouse guys and I started six years ago.

Did you check my post about my photo exhibition?

claude said...

Nice visit, Chris ! I di not like the spider either.
I like to eat tacos.
Bailey like certainbly his new toy.
I watched your previous post. Pictures of the crow are great !