Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We had another of those bird accidents that tend to happen around feeders. A dove slammed into the patio window, even though we have stickers on them. He was still alive afterwards, so I left him hoping he would recover. Sometimes they do. But by dusk, though he was still alive, he had not moved. There was no way I could put him out of his pain -- I just can't do that sort of thing -- and I hoped he might still recover, so I moved him under some bushes and put an old saucer down in case he needed water. We haven't had rain for about four months.

But the next morning, guess who I saw perching proudly on the bird feeder! Our new young Cooper's Hawk who has made several unsuccessful passes through the bird feeding area lately. He certainly is beautiful and circles the house so gracefully in large swoops. He passes through the area only about 15 feet from the patio window and has even flown under the patio cover.
This was taken through the patio window and from behind the curtain. I didn't dare move or I would never have got this shot.

....and then I went to see what happened to the dove. The picture below tells the story. Sad, but there it is. I guess the hawks have to live too.

On a happier note, just look at these beautiful grasses that are planted in the city's parking lot by the baseball diamond. They are beautiful -- so feathery and frothy and this is only part of the display throughout the parking lot.

(The Lord says...)"I will put My laws into their hearts and in their minds I will write them." Rather than having to learn and obey all the minute laws as they are written in the Old Testament in order to earn salvation, God says that we will know in our hearts what is right or wrong . Whether we choose to do what is right is another story. So He sent Jesus to be the free gift of sacrifice for our sins (if we want Him to be) and the Holy Spirit to guide us into choosing to do right (if we want to do it).


Morning's Minion said...

We have had a number of these sad little deaths from birds crashing into the picture window. Most of them have been instant.
Enjoying your posts and the Wednesday Bible verse.

kaybee said...

Even though it's the law of nature, it's so sad when it happens. We have Blue Jays circling the trees on and around our property, looking for eggs and fledglings. The desperate cry of a baby robin is heart-breaking.


Thank God for Jesus and His love for us. He hears OUR desperate cry!

Cherdecor said...

Oh, sad story about the Dove. Maybe the hawk was chasing him when he hit the window. Poor thing. But that is what hawks do. You really got a good picture of him. Kinda up close and personal which is rare.

I like the grasses two. I have a love for the different kinds of oriental grasses. I wish I had more room for them. They tend to take over. We have seven different kinds and I love each one of them.

claude said...

Beautiful cooper hawk and poor dove.
I am late to wish Bailey Happy birthday but late is better than not at all !

claude said...

Bailey has magnificent blue eyes !

Jose said...

Hey Chriss at least you didn't have to dispose of it.

Our Tuesday night Bible study is going pretty good, when my sister explains it to mee it makes so much more sence.

Visit my Joe Cool blog when you have a chance to see what my dear friend Tara painted for me. No doubt I have a lot of very talented blog friends.

Unknown said...

Very sad yes for the Dove, however perhaps it was intended to be being that God works in msterous ways when it comes to feeding other birds.

Great close up of the hawk though...I wonder what kind of grases those are...I been seeing quiet a few popping up around my neighborhood here.