Tuesday, October 6, 2009

People...who Need People

One of the blessings of having been a teacher in this community is that two or three times a year I will bump into several of my former students. Sometimes they recognize me before I recognize them. It is so good to see them going on with the Lord. For some reason it is usually Sunday after church when we go out to lunch that I see my former students -- and often it is at the Claim Jumper! Yum! (And the meal is so large that I take half of it home for the next day!)

These two sisters -- no names, just smiles -- are two wonderful girls we enjoyed so much in high school. Great students and such role models.

This is a group photo of my Ladies Bible Study which is held every Wednesday afternoon. There were about five missing. We are in the midst of studying Colossians and having a great time. If you are interested, I post my notes for each class on chrisscomments (click)

In addition, I have been thinking of posting a short verse from the Bible that means a lot to me on this blog every Wednesday and call it Wednesday's Word. So here is the first:

WEDNESDAY'S WORD: Therefore be followers of God, as dear children. Ephesians 5:1

I have been a "follower of God" by my deliberate choice for 54 years. He has never forsaken me and has led me through many and varied experiences. And the great joy is that He will lead me through my last experience in this life, my physical death, and take me by the hand into the New Life he has for me in the New Heavens and New Earth. What a joy!
Got another painting coming up in a day or two, so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Well these are nice photos of ladies and is that a man in the back of the group of women? Rare indeed. LOL

Jose said...

Well maybe you'll be glad to know that yesterday I started Bible studies with my sister. She is really good at explaining what otherwise would really make no sense to me. It's the start of a new journey in my life, I am looking forward to learning a lot.

kaybee said...

How lovely to see some familiar faces in that group of ladies - please give them my regards!

ChrisJ said...

Abe: They are all women in this group. There are a couple of ladies with short haircuts. The men have their Bible Study on Saturday mornings. They get quite a large group too:)

sandy said...

Nice reading you and how fun to run into the "girls". I love Claim Jumper. We usually just go into the bar and get appetizers because they serve so much food in the restaurant part. In fact, we've been there three times in the few weeks. We go for the happy hour prices and I love love the pizza rullis and fish tacos.

Chely said...

Hello Chris!

Thank you for dropping by to check out my dress=D I am totally aware of you. You are like “a neighbor” to me. I read the comments you leave on my brother’s blog all the time=D

I appreciate your comment and your input. I am equally impressed at your gift. May God give you the ability to enchant us with more!



claude said...

Yes Crihs, my blue flower is a clematis. I have got flower in May/June and later in October.

Werna Gail said...

It was so good to come by and catch up with what you have been doing. I like the idea of "Wednesday's Word". God's word is good ANY TIME! How in the world do you find time to keep all of those blogs? I really liked the photos of the birds and sky, and your art work. Thanks for coming by my way. BE BLESSED

Morning's Minion said...

I will watch for Wednesday's word--how do like all those "w"s!