Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some Beautiful Things

I'm not a member of SkyWatch Friday, mainly because I haven't figured out how it works. It took me two hours to post the video clip on my last post! But this is our season for sunsets. This was a spectacular one from about 10 days ago. I took four shots but chose to post this one because it has more colors in the sky. I promise you I did not touch up the colors at all. It is taken from our driveway. You may also see it on Wanda's blog because I sent them to her in case she didn't feel up to hunting for a good Sky Watch photo.

I've discovered a way to make sure my sons visit my blog. Post their photographs!! This is one Son #1 took a few days ago. It is unusual because we get no rain at this time of the year, hence no rainbows. But one day last week there were a few scattered light showers over the mountains, and Escondido got this wonderful rainbow. At some point it did stretch the full width of the horizon. Beautiful shot!

The wanderer has returned. After three full weeks in Bulgaria and Macedonia preaching encouragement to some churches we have been supporting over there, Moth(the Man Of The House) returned -- pretty tired after preaching 24 times, and conducting three weddings!

He brought back with him these two beautiful Austrian crystal puffins. You can see some of the colors in them, but of course the photos don't do them justice. They stand about 2 and1/2 inches high and 3 inches wide. He knows I love puffins because they live and breed on the Flamborough cliffs. So he knew I would love these -- and I do!


claude said...

Beautiful skies, Chris.
The puffins are cute.
Have a nice week-end !

Anonymous said...

The two Puffins are beautiful works of glass art. I have not seen anything to equal them. You must both be very pleased.

Thanks for visiting my old 1942 store on Pick a Peck of Pixels.

Rune Eide said...

At least you got a beautiful rainbow, and that is worth quite a lot.

Over here they are trying to re-establish the Newcastle-Bergen ferry line. So maybe I can once see Flaborough too?

kaybee said...

Gorgeous skies -- and love that rainbow!

But, as I am sure you can guess, I am SO envious of the puffins -- they are absolutely beautiful, and a great addition to all your Flamborough 'stuff.'

Jose said...

I have to go google what is a puffin. That reaibow is beautiful as is that sunset.

Liz Hinds said...

Gorgeous sky.

It must be good to have him back - especially when he brings such lovely gifts!

Anonymous said...

YOU HAVE A GOOD MOTH!!! I really should try to get some of our sunsets/sunrises too - since we can see such a long way there are some fantastic ones....thanks for posting so faithfully!!!!

Morning's Minion said...

I've no idea of what makes a double rainbow--is one a reflection of the other? They are doubly beautiful and inspiring.

Wanda said...

Beautiful skies... and your Puffins are darling.
Sky Watch Friday is very simple. Just title your friday post Sky Watch Friday. Post you picture. Link you post to the following: then go there and enter your name and url. The rules are posted there and also a little skywatch loco you can use for that friday post.
You have too many beautiful skies that need to be sharted.

Cherdecor said...

What a gorgeous picture of your rainbow! I also love the Puffins and yours are especially nice. What a nice gift!