Monday, May 10, 2010

Dings and Things

Well it had to happen some time, but we weren't quite ready for it yet.  Last week we went down to our favorite park, me to watch birds and Barry to read.  There wasn't a soul around as we parked the car and took out the lawn chairs.  It was beautiful, quiet and warm.  We'd been there about an hour when a group of young fellows approached from afar, throwing a frisbee back and forth.  Suddenly we heard a loud bang -- almost like a gun shot.  Whoops!! One of the guys missed his target and the frisbee flew about 50 yards straight into the door of our brand new car!!

Can you see it?  Right in the middle of the yellow reflection.  The poor guy was so apologetic.  But what can you do?  It is too small to warrant repair.  The only good thing about it is that I wasn't the one to make the first ding in the new car.  I would have felt so guilty.

I've been doing some more painting while recovering from my cold.  The first is:

The Two Trees.

I found this scene for Virtual Paintout, but didn't get it finished in time. (Sent in a different one.)
But I so liked this scene that I decided to finish it anyway.

 The next one is from a photo I took while up in Boise.  It hasn't reproduced too well.
I call it "Vicki's lamp".  This little vignette caught my eye, mainly I think because of my two favorite colors -- peach and sage green -- and the beautiful lamp.

See you tomorrow on ABC Wednesday.


Autumn Leaves said...

Chris, I love both of these pieces, truly. Fabulous job on the shelf showing through the glass table top too. Love that lamp!

Gillian Mowbray said...

What charming pieces. They are so different too but equally impressive.

Bad news about the ding. The last brand new car we bought was scraped in a car park during the first day we had it. So upsetting!

Hope you're feeling better now. x

Patty said...

Did you inquire to see if the dealer that sold the car to you could use a suction cup to pull it out. Sometimes if it isn't too deep they can do that.

annies home said...

quartz are beautiful but unforgiving for sure. Sorry about that dent that is too bad

snafu said...

When I worked in Dorset, going to work via the country route, I drove between two trees something like those, that stood exactly opposite each other each side of the lane. I always thought they would make a good picture too.
The more I look at 'Vicki's lamp' the more I like it. I wish I could do stuff like that.

sandy said...

Both of these pieces are great, my favorite being the lamp and book, great job Chris.

photowannabe said...

Sorry about the ding too. When we got our Toyota station wagon quite a few years ago we also got a bad ding the first day we drove it. Went to the grocery store and when we came out there was a shopping cart slammed right into the front door. My heart just sank when I saw it. Run away carts and new cars don't mix.