Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"And Hezekiah received the letter from the hand of the messengers, and read it; and Hezekiah went up to the house of the Lord, and spread it before the Lord"  Isaiah 37:14

What was in this letter?   Well it was a letter from the enemy of the Jews ridiculing them and God.  It was a pretty good length and truth to tell had Hezekiah shaking in his boots.  The king of Assyria told Hezekiah how he had destroyed all the other nations around Jerusalem, and now he was coming to get them.  He told them not to bother looking to Egypt for help and certainly not to bother the Lord their God for help because it wasn't going to happen.  All the gods of the other nations had been destroyed -- of course because they were only made of wood and stone.  

So in spite of all the threats from the King of Assyria, Hezekiah prays to the Lord: "Now therefore, O Lord our God, save us from his hand that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You are the Lord, You alone".  Hezekiah knew God and Who He was as well as what His power was.  Because of the great blasphemy the King of Assyria had heaped upon the Lord's name -- to cut to the end of the story -- the King was called to return to his land and before long he was killed by his own sons because they wanted the throne.
The Lord, He is God of all the earth and He alone.  


Autumn Leaves said...

A most wonderful and powerful answer to prayer.

Anonymous said...

I kinda like your Wednesday words on Thursday!!!

Gillian Mowbray said...

Two things - my Gt-Grandfather's name was Hezekiah! LOL

Also - you asked for an explanation of negative painting so I've done a demo on my blog, should you wish to check it out.