Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting Ready for Summer

We have had a cool spring for us.  Not too many days when I could sit out on the patio because a cool wind was blowing.  But one day last week was beautiful, so I set up my summer accoutrements.  Had to sit in the shade, the sun was too hot.

Cushions on chair, binoculars, my favorite cold drink , (cold Ovaltine), the telephone, a couple of cookies, a book and of course my camera.  Behind me the jasmine is in full bloom.

Viewing direction is straight down the path to the bird feeders.  We've figured out a way to put out half an orange for the orioles.  You can just see it by the bell feeder.  I also sprinkle seed on the patio table in the winter and spring , so that if we get a sprinkle of rain, it doesn't just sit and get soggy in the tray feeder. The fountain is close by as you can see and the birds love it. The cone shaped things are to keep the squirrells off and the bell shaped cover is to keep the pigeons out of the seed in the tray.

Our amaryllis is blooming for the third year, much to our surprise.  It was one of those you buy for indoors at Christmas.  Barry just planted the old bulb beside the waterfall stones (we have a waterfall as well as a fountain.) and lo and behold we have been getting one or two blooms a year.

The orchid cactus is struggling.  This was a good sized one and in good condition, but I think it outdid itself last year when we had more than 20 blooms.

Barry caught this rabbit, one of quite a number who live around here.  He was basking in the sunshine in the front yard on our 'Arizona lawn' as we call it.  He could have taken quite a few more pictures but the camera card was full and I was still in bed!

And this is one of my evening occupations,  drawing or painting.  This is Violet, from Boise, one of my
 grand-kats.  I call her Lady Lavender.
She's a real cuddler.

The next one I do will be Bailey.

Too cold to sit outside today and our May Gray and June Gloom is forecast to settle in next week.
May Gray and June Gloom is what we get along the coast before our warm weather sets in.  If you want sunshine you have to go inland about ten minutes.  It is the subject of much complaining.  We are never satisfied are we.

Whoops!  The birds are calling.  Time to go out and feed them!


Morning's Minion said...

I'm enjoying this post, but trying to get my mind around cold ovaltine!
Our Kentucky spring has turned very wet--a nice day today and we pray for a few more so that haying can begin.
I like your drawing of the calico cat as I love all creatures who are marked in distinctive ways.
I suspect that drawing/painting Bailey will be an emotional experience--animals take such a hold of our hearts.

Anonymous said...

we are once again cold! in the 80's early in the week...low 30's today!!! Go figure

Wanda said...

I clicked on the pictures, and what a great yard you have.

The drawing of Violet is wonderful. Love her eyes... they were following me.

ChrisJ said...

Morning's Minion: If you love cold milk and chocolate, which I do,You just take a glass of milk and put in two or three heaping tablespoons of Ovaltine and stir. Mmmm. Yum. It's good for you too. Lots of vitamins and minerals -- probably too much sugar

Autumn Leaves said...

Oh, I would adore that weather you describe! I just do not do well in sunlight and heat. Much prefer the darker skies and even rain or snow. I do admit that the sunshine sure brings the pretty though, as your delightful yard shows! And the kitty is delightful!

Unknown said...

Enjoy your post today and love the cat too.

I been watching the big puffy grey and white clouds all day today and the winds just don't want to stop sending chills down my spine and making my nose cold too. Did see some bit of blue skies but only for a few seconds though. I am not happy with our may/june gloom at all. I want it to be nice and sunny and warm so I can find something else to complain about. lol

kaybee said...

Oh, those patio photos bring back great memories - not that I've had much chance to sit there in my last couple of visits! Ah well, maybe next time!

Love your drawing of Violet, too.

Cherdecor said...

You really have a lovely place to sit, watch the birds, enjoy your flowers, yell at the rabbits, and sip on your favorite drink. What a nice place to relax and to sketch. I would like to visit you on your beautiful patio.