Wednesday, May 19, 2010



I can see I shall have to permanently change the title of this part of my posts!

"If riches increase, set not your heart upon them". Psalm 62:10

The word "if" is important here. Somewhere, somehow, some people have got hold of the idea that health and wealth are our right as Christians. 'Fraid not. It doesn't work like that. I could preach a sermon right here and now on why not, but I won't. The point is that if God sees fit to bless you or me with riches -- or good health for that matter, don't take them for granted. Not only that, don't let them become the source of everything that is meaningful in your life. They will let you down and you will find you have no foundation for meaning in life. Jesus Christ is who makes our life meaningful. He gave us life and we didn't all get what we expected or thought we should. But He has His reasons. This is where faith and trust come in. Trust Him, He knows what is best for your life -- and mine too.


Autumn Leaves said...

Oh so well said, Chris!

Morning's Minion said...

How often we are reminded that a "sense of well-being" is so temporary! Looked for your "words" yesterday, always glad to see them whatever day they appear.

Anonymous said...

Great 'theme' this year is "God is never surprised"!

Jose said...


Wanda said...

Love your Wednesday words... And they work on Thursday too.

Well, I ordered my Blog Book, the year of 2009, since that was my Cancer Journey...I had so many pages since I post most every day, it was more expensive that I had hoped, but I wanted the whole year, and so I did it! Should be here by June 10th.

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely Chris. God's ways are so much greater than ours - I'm constantly amazed by the way that He takes the difficult moments in our lives, uses them for His purposes and transforms them into 'treasures' of a very different and more enduring kind than those that the world holds dear. x

photowannabe said...

Amen and amen. I needed this "sermon". thanks bunches.

photowannabe said...

Just to let you know, I just ordered my first book from Blogs2print. Its going to be hard to wait till it comes on the 15 of June. Like Wanda mine was more expensive than first thought but I had a lot of pictures to capture. Thanks for the information.
Have a wonderful weekend.