Friday, July 2, 2010

Meet Tootsie

Went to visit some friends last night. They have a new 9 month old puppy -- a cockapoo. I was with the cats all day. So it's equal time for dogs on today's  blog.

Meet Tootsie

"I love it when we have company."

"But it wouldn't hurt to have a little game of ball would it?"

"Would it? Huh, Dad?  Huh?  Please?"

"I'll get it!  I'll get it! I can run fast!"

"Oh no! Not in the pool!"

"C'mon Dad, get that scoop thingy.  I want the ball!  I want the ball!"

"Don't let it get away.  I'm goin' to get it!"

"Hah!  Bet you thought I couldn't get it."

"I love it when we play ball!"

"Can we go in now? I'm getting a bit tired.  I'll let you throw it some more tomorrow."


mrsnesbitt said...

I'd love a pool for our dogs - but then again with the sea on the doorstep I should be so lucky! However Freida doesn't seem to like the sea, unlike Wilma and Max, bless!

Autumn Leaves said...

I'm worn out too! And I sure would love to have my own pool!!

Anonymous said...

Now THAT is one cute dog - might even make my moth change his mind!!! Surely you could get a short story/book out of these photos!!!!!

kaybee said...

WHAT a cutie! And beautiful pics, Chris.

I think 'Martyn and Sandy' have a great idea -- go for it, Chris; a lovely children's picture book.

photowannabe said...

Too, too cute. Funny I just posted pictures of our Granddogger.

Gillian Mowbray said...

Such a fun sequence, Chris. I've never seen a cockapoo before - so cute!

Patty said...

She looked tired, happy and thirsty. Happy 4th.

duopastorale said...

How cute is that! I want one!

Angie said...

That dog is so cute ... I believe the breed doesnt shed hair ...maybe if I didnt have all my cats I might be tempted lol
Thank you for your kind words on forgetfulness made me feel a lot better.
By the way ...I had a look at your art blog really capture the moods displayed in a cats eyes.

Cherdecor said...

Oh, what a sweet pup! Tootsie seems like she loves people.

Hope you have a Happy 4th of July!

The Jessup Family said...

This cockapoo looks so much like our Riley...CUTE!

Anonymous said...

That beautiful dog smiled in every picture. What a special thing to see on the 4th of July.

Hope you get some relief from your vertigo. Is it an inner ear problem causing it?

Rowan said...

He's lovely and has a really appealing face. I read on Estorbo's blog that you have vertigo, do hope you soon feel better.