Friday, July 9, 2010


We are very fortunate in Carlsbad to have a fine bird shop.  It is called WILD BIRDS UNLIMITED. It's not very large but it has masses of things in it of interest to bird watchers. In addition to all kinds of bird seed, suet and meal worms, it has many different kinds of feeders, squirrel baffles and an assortment of attachments for your feeder. It also has books on birds, videos and bird song CD's.There are fountains, waterfalls, garden sculptures for you yard and metal wall sculptures for indoors, all kinds of bird, flower and garden pictures, note cards and even beautiful jewelry.  If this sounds like an ad for the store it really is not, it's just one of my favorite stores.

You can see the many colorful flags of birds, and and butterflies in the doorway.

This is part of the inside of the shop:

Please click on this photo to enlarge this shot to see more details, too numerous to mention, that are available.

At the side of the shop, (it is on a corner) there is a patio and one or two picnic tables.  They hold barbecues here on special sales event days.

Behind the patio is a bird feeding area which is usually filled with birds.  I think a hawk must have been around the day I took this photo.  But you can sit and eat and watch the birds at the same time.

This is the kind of seed we usually buy -- the "No mess Blend"  along with Nyjer Thistle seed for gold finchesand suet blocks for the scrub jays.

Unfortunately the tree rats and ground squirrels are also partial to bird seed.  But it's still fun to see all this wild life around our house.


Autumn Leaves said...


Wanda said...
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kaybee said...

One of my favourite places in your town! I always bring something home to Canada from there. Last time it was some little magnetic birds to use as noteholders -- and I love their greeting cards with the colourful birds on both the cards and the envelopes!

Vicki said...

We have one of these shops in out towm. I have always been courious as to what is inside, but have never made the time to find out.
Thanks for enticing me even more.

ChrisJ said...

So sorry Wanda. I tried to delete one of my sister's comments which she accidentally posted twice but I deleted yours by mistake! :( :(

ChrisJ said...

WANDA'S original comment.

HAH! WANDA...I'm so smart, I just looked up the copy of your comment on my email and was able to type it back in again.!!!

Here's what Wanda said...
"What a wonderful bird store. I would love to wander through that store. I need to be more creative in my bird seed and get a new feeder or two.
Don and I just love watching the birds we do have in our back yard.
Actually I think that little tree rat is cute with his pink ears."


snafu said...

Brilliant pictures as ever, are they that tame or do you have a good zoom. Nice shop could do with something like that here. We have trouble with grey squirrels and starlings they both knocked the feeders off our stand until I wired them on. No seed during the spring fledgling season it chokes the poor little things but summer and winter they can use it ok. Similar stuff available here, 'no mess' that is. Seems to work, we don’t have to pull up so many uninvited plants below the feeder since we started using that.

Unknown said...

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