Sunday, January 23, 2011


I picked out Junie from the animal shelter where I volunteer, for my friends Mike and Evelyn who were looking for a silver tabby.  They named her that because she was born in June. This is the painting (Prisma colors) I did from a photo of her soon after she was adopted. That was about three or four months ago.

I went to visit her last week, to see how she was getting along.  I don't visit people I visit cats :)  She is my grandkit!
Now look at her!

She is a bundle of energy and struts her stuff like she owns the place -- which I think she does.  She is so beautiful, with lovely soft, sleek fur.  Her favorite thing is to chase the feather wand and do somersaults.

Now here are some other photos of other cats I took at the shelter last week.  These have not been named yet, but they are all love bugs.

This tuxie is about 3 months old.  Just look at that paw! I've been quite worried about her because there were three kittens that came in around the same time, just after Christmas. Unfortunately one of them had some kind of contagious disease and so the other two were put into quarantine for several weeks. I had managed to visit them just before they were quarantined so I knew they were really nice natured kittens.  The other one that was left was a ginger tabby and was adopted immediately the quarantine was lifted.  This poor kitten is still waiting.  She will make an excellent pet.  Intelligent and sweet. Doesn't bite, doesn't scratch.

This tortie is about 3 years old as I remember.  Very gentle and sweet lap cat.  I always make sure I go in and give her 10 minutes of cuddling when I'm there.

Finally, is this going to be another 'Junie' I wonder?  I tried to get a photo of her sitting in her condo, but I couldn't keep her there, she just wanted to be in my arms all the time. Below is the result.  It is very hard to take a photo with one hand and scratch ears with the other!

So I had help.  But she's quite a wriggler.  Younger than the tuxie.

If you are local, these cats and many others just as sweet are available at the North San Diego County Animal Shelter, Palomar Airport Road -- and I'm sure at your local animal shelter too.


mrsnesbitt said...

Chris - adoreable. Our puss Ella is asleep on a chair in the kitchen with me now She too was rescued. xxx

Patty said...

Junie is a beauty and so is the Tuxedo cat. We had a cat years ago, male, but we also had a bird and gold fish, the cat roamed the house at night, trying to attack the other pets. I was pregnant with our fourth child, finally I told my husband the cat had to go or I was going. Plus cleaning the litter box was getting to be quite a chore while I was pregnant. So we found him a nice home on a farm with friends of ours. I know he loved it, since he liked being outdoors. We have a cat again, came home to us with our youngest daughter and granddaughter. I have a feeling if and when they move out again, cat will probably remain here, since so many places don't want pets. But Abe and I enjoy him a lot. Plus you don't have to take him outdoors to potty and etc. So far we've been very happy with him.

Wanda said...

Before grandchildren we always had a couple of cats along with a dog.

But several of our grandchildren have serious allegery issues with cats, so we found homes for Figgy and Manana and now only have Molly, and no one is allegeric to her..

These cats are so pretty, and I love the look of a cat sleeping in a patch of sun on the foot of my bed. I miss that.

Autumn Leaves said...

Just lovely cats, Chris. Hard not to fall in love with each and every one of them. I already have three though!

jabblog said...

They are beautiful creatures. I hope they find their forever homes soon. Every cat deserves a home of its own.

I do wish cat owners would neuter their pets and then there wouldn't be so many kittens to find homes for. The same applies to dogs.
I'm glad the rescue homes neuter them.

Morning's Minion said...

Your photos remind me again why it is that we give our hearts and homes [and pocketbooks] to so many pets over the years.
Junie is lovely and your portrait looks just ready to say "meow."
I am fascinated by the integrity of the classic tabby pattern. Our Teasel has the pattern in a Siamese shade of "blue" while Willis the "urchin" has it in the usual tabby brown and grey.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Chris,

I am so jealous, your painting of Junie is so realistic, you almost feel as if you could reach out and stroke her.

My artistic talent, with any form of craftwork, is almost non-existent, although I do try.

We have many animal shelters, here in the UK, as well. Many of them are now having to turn animals away, or having to destroy them, as there is such an influx of unwanted pets, or pets whose owners can no longer afford the expense of keeping them.

A sign of the times?


Anonymous said...

WOW you actually made me want to go home and spend some time with my 2 furry friends!! And that is saying something considering we are in Maui!!