Thursday, January 13, 2011


The tongue is like a blazing fire.

When all is said and done,  it seems to me that there should be a lot less said than done by most of us. Murmurings and complaining was what kept the Children of Israel in the wilderness for forty years. Almost within months of the beginnings of the Christian church in Jerusalem, there were murmurings and complaining because the Greek Jews were not getting their fair share of the donations for the poor.  None of us knows why that was happening.  Were the Greek Jews being greedy -- over sensitive? Were the Hebrew Jews showing discrimination? Or was it merely an oversight? We only know that the problem was immediately brought to the attention of the Apostles, who dealt with it, by first letting everyone know what the problem was and then dealing with it by appointing seven men to oversee the distribution to the needy.

 When I was on our cruise last November, I went for a cream tea one afternoon and because I was by myself I was asked to join two other ladies.  They seemed pleased enough and I didn't mind.  But then after a few pleasantries the two of them started complaining about the service, the food, the horrible new decor of the ship, the re-organisation of the cabins, the poor entertainment, the old, old movies offered, the color of the carpet in the dining room, the silverware was tarnished and on and on they went.  My cream tea went down in lumps.  At first I was going to say something pointed like weren't we fortunate to be eating delicacies in a beautiful dining room with a fabulous view and our every need attended to.  But I didn't.  In fact I sat there a full twenty-five minutes listening to this grumbling without saying a word.  Finally, I simply got up, said goodbye and left. Maybe I made a point, I don't know. But I do know that their attitude and conversation left me irritated and as grumpy as they were for several days.

Grumbling and complaining is a like a contagious disease and can eventually be fatal. The Bible says, "Let all things be done without murmuring and disputing".  "The tongue is like a raging fire.... out of the same mouth comes blessing and cursing.  Brethren these things ought not to be so."  

My resolution is to think before I speak and to learn to discipline my idle comments.


Morning's Minion said...

I've noticed that carping and complaining is contagious. It seems to happen in "women's groups" a lot. I suspect its a habit that people unwittingly fall into--do we feel superior if we have noticed something that we can cite for a complaint?
Perhaps some folks don't know how to enjoy a treat?

Wanda said...

Oh Chris, I've been in a similar situation, and sometimes you don't know if its better to just leave, sit still, not comment or what!! I do think your silence made a statement.

To be a grateful person is such a wonderful quality.

Autumn Leaves said...

That is one fine resolution Chris, and one I've been embracing and working on for years.

Jose said...

Knowing you a little bit I know that if you would have opened your mouth you would have carried a point totally different from theirs without critizing them. I make it a point to find one good thing about the situation and feed from that. I know I would have so enjoyed that cruise, poor food and tarnished silverware and all. Have a great weekend Chris. (((hugs)))