Thursday, February 10, 2011



What is love?  I asked myself this question last week. The word is bandied about so frequently today, that I seriously wonder how many young people really know what it is. Certainly love is not sex,  although TV, movies and books seem to illustrate that it is.  Too often the message is, "there's no real love without sex."  But then we also hear, "Luv yah!" used over and over again, sometimes said just flippantly, almost as if it meant the same as, "Have a good day!".

Even as a teenager, I have always thought that real love is very special. I believed that so much that it was almost a year before I allowed myself to tell my last boyfriend, my husband to be, that I loved him.  I remember the exact place   --  on Ealing Common in west London.  The genuine meaning of that word was so important to me that I would not, could not say it unless I really meant it and believed it.

Anyone who reads my blog frequently will probably have noticed that I am very hard on myself.  No slacking off for me!  No excuses either. So last week when I was feeling particularly aggrieved with myself and wondering how anyone could love me, I decided to look  again at the great Love Chapter,  First Corinthians, chapter thirteen.  I just really needed to be reminded  of God's loving kindness.   That word,'loving kindness', along with the words, "Love suffers long and is kind", was just what I needed to hear.  I lose patience with myself over and over again, but God, who is Love, suffers long and is kind. Thank goodness! Where would I be if He were not?

So if you truly want to tell someone you love them this Valentine's Day take a look at verses 4, 5 and 6 of I Corinthians 13. They tell you what Love is. It's quite a standard to live up to.


Wanda said...

"Clunk" you hit me up side the head with this one Chris.

For years, my "signature" sign off has been Love and Hugs, and you know that...cause I've signed off with it on your blog and emails too.

But I must say, that it is not a flippent word... I truly mean it, and it started years ago as a Pastor's wife who felt the congregation was rather cool and distant, and so I began to ask if I could give people hugs as they left the church to shake our hands... It slowly became something so special, that it meant something very special... It was at that time...since I am a card sender.... that I began to use that phase... Ask anyone...Wanda gives love and hugs!

The best love I ever received...was that Loving Kindness from God who is Love.

If we get to meet...and I so hope we do... the first thing you will get from me is a HUG.... so be ready.

Love and Hugs
Wanda (and I mean it)

PS This is a great and honest article...You are Special!

ChrisJ said...

Hi Wanda: I know you mean it. I was thinking more of teenagers and people in general. I wanted to give other exceptions, but I really need to keep these word at least semi-short! Sorry, didn't mean to give you a Clunk! At least I hope it will make people think about the kind of love God gives.
P.S. I'm hard on myself, but I really don't apply my rules, or rules for myself, to other people.
It's me that upsets me! :) :)
Does that make sense? Probably not.

Wanda said...

Yes, I do understand, and I probably shouldn't have taken it so "personally"....

But I do so agree that the younger generation even write their own vows so they can eliminate some of the cornerstones we based ours on. In Sickness and Health, Richer or poorer, for better and worst....Until DEATH do us part. Unfortunately there are people in Prison who took that last part literally.

This has been a good chat!