Monday, May 9, 2011


I expect for most of you this is no big deal.    But I have been married for almost 53 years and never in my whole life owned one.  
Well I've said many time on this blog that I am not domesticated and not a cook, so I've never seen the need for one.  But while we were up visiting my son in Boise, I watched him make a fruit drink for breakfast every day, from either fresh fruit or frozen fruit.  I tasted one of his and it was delicious.  So since I am required, for the sake of my insides, to up-grade my intake of fruit and vegetables, this seemed like a simple way to do it. 
So I bought a bag of frozen fresh fruit which had grapes, strawberries, pineapple, melon and peaches in it. I put less than two cups full in the blender, threw in a small container of mandarin oranges because I wanted a little sweetness, and hey presto!

My delicious fruit drink. 
 It doesn't look like much in the photo but I assure you it was great.  I am not  much of a fruit eater.  Usually it is too tart for me and often gives me indigestion. But this is perfect.  I have tried adding blueberries and will experiment with other fruit too.

Incidentallly, I have lost 10lbs since I had my meds allergy episode, ( March 11th), and I haven't been trying.  Probably mostly because I am doing my physical therapy exercises daily, since I can't handle any over-the-counter pain pills.  I have always said I hate exercise.  But let me tell you, pain is a great motivator!


Wanda said...

Oh I'm so glad you got a blender. They are wonderful for fruit drinks.

Add a little cup of plain for vanilla yogurt sometime, it's really good for a smoothie!

Glad you pain is getting regulated and congrats on the weight loss!

snafu said...

Healthy breakfast :) I usually have a smoothie with mine but my weight is not going down much. Too much time sitting at the computer.

Autumn Leaves said...

I'm not a big fruit eater either, Chris. This might be the way to go indeed.

MorningAJ said...

Banana, plain yoghurt, oats (porridge oats - not sure what the US calls it but you know what I mean), and a splash of orange juice. Whizz. Enjoy.

(I have to eat more oats as well as more fruit and veg!)

You are never going to believe the word verification this just gave me.....
BINGES! Oh well - caught out again. :)

kaybee said...

Well done, Chris - on the gift of the blender,and on the weight loss. We often have a smoothie with our Magic Bullet: banana & strawberry with some vanilla yogurt is my favourite!

sandy said...

i couldn't live without mine. i make smoothies everyday except in the winter..i love mine..congrats on getting one.