Tuesday, September 27, 2011

K is FOR...

K is for ...
Yes, it is a real word.  I came it across a couple of days ago in my favorite news magazine WORLD , (WORLDmag   [add the usual ending if you want to access their website] ). I looked at it several times  thinking, Is that a real word?  It wasn't in my regular dictionary but I found it on Wikkipedia. Here's how to use it:

"There was such a kerfuffle in our house when we had to change our word processor from Microsoft Word 2003 to Microsoft Word10."  

Definition:  commotion, disorder or agitation

Those who have read some of my previous blogs will know how much I  hate changes on my computer.  Just when I think I know how to use something properly, along comes the latest version!

K is also for KIN
I don't have a lot of kinfolk.  My sister and I have 5 cousins.  She is over in the UK visiting them right now.

This was taken at my father's funeral in 1983, when someone realized that all the cousins except one were present and so a photograph of us all was appropriate.  I'm so glad this photo was taken. It's the nearest thing to a family photo that we have.

Our five cousins starting from the back row, are Peter, Alan, skip to the next male in the row: Graham and then my brother Michael. The row in front of them shows the three female cousins, Patricia, me, (skip one, Pete's wife I think) and Elizabeth.  All the others are wives and children of the cousins.

There are eight cousins, all on my mother's side. My father was an only child.
 ....And just so it is appropriate for our letter 'K' day',  it was my sister, Kay who
was missing.    She was unable to come over to the UK from Canada for the funeral.

Sadly none of us knew then that my brother at  age 48 would die from pancreatic cancer just six months later.

From the sublime to the ridiculous -- it's CATS again (Sorry, I will abstain from cats on my blog for a couple of months, I promise). So....

K is for Kauai 'Kat'
I couldn't miss this because it is really unique.  We usually spend Thanksgiving on Kauai and we have dinner at a very fine establishment called GAYLORDS. They have a cat there and of course I always take a photo. You will have to take my word for it that these pictures were indeed taken in the very same place, at almost the same hour, for three years in a row.   


We didn't go to Kauai last year, 2010, so we missed this photo op.  However, we are going again this year and if the cat is still there, another photo will be taken!


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Jane and Chris said...

Aah.. the cat looks very much like one of my little girls, Fleur.
Does that cat EVER move off the step?
Jane x

Roger Owen Green said...

kerfuffle is a GREAT word.
you have more kin than I. my parents were both onlies, so I have ZERO first cousins. My daughter has a total of 5, on both sides.
ROG, ABC Wednesday

Doohie said...

If you try to move the cat you'll cause such a kerfuffle. It's a word I use often.

EG CameraGirl said...

Love how the cat likes to sleep in the same place from year to year!

I'm not big on changing anything on my computer either. :)

Wanda said...

Yes I must admit I've been "kerfuffled" on several occasions, and right now my printer is not behaving!!!! So today I'm kerfuffle!!!!

Your cousin portait is great. I have about six cousins that I was very close to growing up. Some of them are scattered, but I still am in touch with 4 of them on a regular basis.

Kim, USA said...

Oh yes and we can't keep up with this new high technology that keep on popping out. I like your kin photo so nice to have a family photo like this.


Chronicles of Illusions said...

can't wait to see if the cat is still there...

Beverley Baird said...

Lovely memories when we look back at photos.
Great choices for the week!

??? said...

I love strange words and kerfuffle is a great one.
The cat is lovely, she knows that her fur fits the stone steps so very well.

Autumn Leaves said...

Gorgeous tortoise kitty! I do hope he is still there, Chris. I picked you out of the photo even before I read further on. I am so sorry about the loss of your brother. My dad passed away at age 47 from lung cancer and it is much much too young.

jane said...

Kerfuffle is used quite a bit in my family - it does seem to describe some situations adequately - love that cat - Jane UK

MorningAJ said...

I wonder how far the cat moved in between photos?

Anonymous said...

The word kerfuffle was used often in the dialogue of most of my childhood comic strips usually to describe a fracas and was even the name of one character who was always in trouble. You must have had a deprived childhood not reading those old comics.
Nice Kat picture, they say that the first step is often the hardest, but he/she looks comfortable.
PS That is Lyn, Graham's wife standing next to you. Mine could not come.

kaybee said...

Just returned from a lovely visit with some of the Kin in that photo!
There was a bit of a Kerfuffle about the flight over, and on the flight home, but all turned out oK. If the Kauai Kat is not there on that step when you get there, I reckon there will be a bit of a Kerfuffle!

Tumblewords: said...

Kerfuffle is one of my fave words! Kin is wonderful and those of yours are handsome and beautiful as well.

jabblog said...

Kerfuffle is a very satisfying word to say.
I have one cousin,whom I have never met. She lives in Canada. My parents both had two siblings but only one of the siblings had a child.
The Kauai cat is beautiful - such lovely patterning and colours.

Gattina said...

You used so many K's that nothing will be left for the next rounds, lol ! I never heard the word kerfuffle ! so I learned something and the cat Kat is so cute !

Diane said...

Of course it was Ashford in the water - I'm getting OLD! Thornbridge Hall is now a private house, they have a brewery in the potting sheds, but their main brewery is in Bakewell. Ashford is so pretty. xxxxx

Patty said...

Apparently the cat leads a charmed life. Well it's Friday, Granddaughter, Abe and I will be the only ones here for dinner tonight, so I'm ordering pizza and an order of their chocolate dunkers. They come from Pizza Hut. We like the pan supreme pizza and the dunkers are very good, used as dessert. Have a wonderful week-end and thanks for your visits.

Elizabeth said...

I'm always getting in a right kerfuffle, Chris!

Morning's Minion said...

I'm famililar with the word 'kerfuffle' and with the state of being that it describes but I don't seem to work it into conversation.
Please don't deprive us of cat photos!