Friday, July 26, 2013


This was the scene outside our little house early last Sunday morning!  Yes, we had to call the paramedics. Earlier, my son had driven over to be with me because my husband was at a conference in Minneapolis and I was getting worse by the minute.  So he called 911 and they sent a couple of fire trucks -- but look what they sent -- the big old ladder fire truck --almost as big as our house !  It had to maneuver down our narrow streets, barely two car-widths wide, not to mention turn the tight, narrow corners. My son had the presence of mind to take this photo as they were carrying me out, (well he is a photographer) and he took excellent care of me through the early stages at the hospital.  Afterwards we asked why they sent the big truck and were told that for our area that is the one they send because it is five minutes closer than any other.

Meanwhile, apparently Scruffy was pounding with his paws on the sun room window that looks out on to the front porch where they were moving me into the ambulance. Glyn had shut him in the sun room so he wouldn't get out while the paramedics were here.  I was barely aware of what was going on by this time.

In the morning, Barry caught the next plane home and three days later most of the excitement was over.  The diagnosis was an intestinal blockage caused by scar tissue from my gall bladder surgery a few years ago. Won't go into details but it was a scary time, if a little surrealistic. The blockage was dissolved but to add frosting on top, I came home from the hospital with an unrelated infection, (lack of proper care), so now I'm on antibiotics.  I love it when, after three days of no food, no water and no sleep, they ask you how you feel!

The result is that Barry missed his speaking engagement in Minneapolis and sadly has decided to cancel his up coming trip to Micronesia, next month.  It's too bad but he doesn't feel comfortable about going away under the circumstances.

My doctor told me today that except for this 'hiccup' I have excellent health -- all vital signs, blood pressure, heart and lungs are in good shape.

Emergency over.  See you on ABC Wednesday.


Angela said...

get well soon!

Wanda said...

Wow, what an episode. Question: Was your gall bladder surgery incision, or laproscopic? (not spelled right)

That is one big fire truck. Wonder if all your neighbors were in the street looking on.

ChrisJ said...

Wanda: My surgery was laprascopic,but I'm not sure I had the best surgeon in the world. He lost one of the gall stones in the procedure.

As for the neighbors, my next door neighbors slept through the whole incident!

Jane and Chris said...

Oh, that sounds frightening. I read the bit about Scruffy out to Chris..."ah bless him, he wanted to be with his Mum."
Jane x

Scriptor Senex said...

As I've said before, I'm glad it's all come out right (though you didn't mention the infection before! Hope that clears quickly.)
I was amused by your neiughboiurs sleeping through it. Jo once slept through a fire truck putting on its siren (in the middle of the night) right outside our bedroom window. I'd already been woken by the engine noise as he manoeuvered between two badly parked vehicles. The siren was his revenge for the stupid parking and I didn't blame him!
My gall bladder removal was by incison and the surgeon was great. It was the anaesthetist who wasn't - I woke up briefly before the end! Just in time to hear the surgeon swear as he looked up and saw me watching him! Until you mentioned it I didn't know scar tissue was an issue.

sandy said...

Wow Chris, glad you are okay but i bet there was quite a bit of pain involved. Whew!

photowannabe said...

So sorry you had to have such an adventure and that the surgery ended up with complications.
Praying you recover quickly.
That's too bad that your husband wants to cancel his next trip too, but that's love!