Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I've been storing up some pictures for the letter L but now the time is here I find I have a much more important need to impart to my ABC friends.

So here are my pictures for L with very little commentary, followed by a request for heartfelt prayer.

For as many times as we have been to Kauai you would think that by now I would have been to a Luau (Hawaiian term for party or celebration).

Always dear to my heart because of where I lived as a child.

Leaving the lighthouse at Kilauaea Point, Kauai.

This was taken by my youngest son in Boise, Idaho, a month or two ago.  Quite spectacular.

Please pray for our only granddaughter, Haley who just turned 13 in June.  She had surgery last week to mitigate her Crohne's Disease.  Sadly, she has picked up a serious bacterial disease while in the hospital -- one of those that don't respond to usual medications and are often the result of over use of antibiotics.  They put her in isolation last night.  the options are not too great -- either the removal of her colon or some other procedure which I'm not too clear on but has been described by the doctor as not pleasant.  It seems they are now doing all they can.  Worst case scenario is kidney failure.  We know that the Lord can do miracles and that is what we are asking for here.  On the other hand, we know too that the Lord has His reasons for whatever happens. In the mean time we wait it out.  The Lord knows and He is good all the time!

This is my entry for ABC WEDNESDAY, that wonderful meme started by Mrs. Nesbitt and continued by Roger Owen Green.  Please click HERE to read more wonderful and interesting entries.


Morning's Minion said...

A so frightening situation for Haley--and for those who love her and must watch, wait and pray. It is difficult at such times to pray 'Thy will be done'--and not question when the yearning of our hearts is for our loved one to be well and whole.

Lmkazmierczak said...

We have experience with Crohne's...everyone is doing well but it does take time to find the right meds and balancing the diet. All the best to your granddaughter. May the Holy Spirit be a guide and comfort to you all♪

Gattina said...

Your pictures are very beautiful, I also love lighthouses !

I hope that appropriate medication and the doctors can help your granddaughter, that is so sad but it happens so often that you catch a bacterial disease in a hospital which is often worse then the surgery itself. But with all the medical means we have today, there is hope that she manages it. Must be a terrible situation for you !

snafu said...

That is such sad news, we are thnking of you and hoping the doctors can pull her through. Poor Haley, if you can, let her know that her most distant family are all rooting for her and wishing she gets well soon.

Roger Owen Green said...

Aloha! Best wishes for all of your family in this time of difficulty.


Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Oh bless her heart! I have crohn's and I know it is a horribly painful disease. I finally got mine in remission. Sending prayers for a complete healing.

Ann said...

Hawaiian Islands must be a dream to visit--love your picture. Will be praying for Haley in this horrific time for her and the whole family.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh Chris, I have just come to your blog this morning and hadn't seen this post. Haley is very, very much on my mind as are you and her other family members and friends. We almost lost Bill to an infection after his surgery but he came through in the end. I am so hoping she will have an equally positive outcome. Sending love and heartfelt wishes for her recovery!

Joy said...

My prayers are with your granddaughter, I hope her youth gives her strength.

Wanda said...

We've been in Oregon for 3 weeks, so I've missed your post.

Will be praying for Haley. I need to get my CT done...running behind here too.