Friday, September 14, 2007

Red Crested Cardinal / More Hibiscus

The Red Crested Cardinal

If you have been to Hawaii, you will recognize this fellow right away. He is quite common, 'tho' spectacular, I think. I had tried to photograph this bird many times before but this photo came out the best of all. It was taken a couple of years ago.

Our hibiscus have done so much better this year. These bushes are about 30 years old. We have had a very bad infestation of giant white-fly for the last couple of years, but by the looks of this bush we are winning!
This photo was taken towards evening because the sun is in the wrong location earlier in the day, washing out the color. This color is called Chinese Pink, I think. It is a very delicate shade.
We have not yet planted the hibiscus I posted about a three weeks ago-- the one with the gorgeous melon color -- because we have been very busy moving furniture and having new carpet installed. Oh yes, nice result, but highly stressful for me and the cat!

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Wanda said...

That bird is beautiful in his coat and scarf...and I have always loved hibiscus. When we lived in Santa Barbara...they were abundant, and huge.