Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Scrub Jay Visitor

We have had a beautiful, blue scrub jay visit us for the past few weeks. He has been around all summer, I know, because I have heard him! He has an unmistakable harsh screech. But he he has only recently found our bird bath. He not only drinks there, but takes a very splashy bath.

We also have a Mr. and Mrs. Towhee who visit regularly morning and night. They move through the back yard scratching like chickens, looking for the seed I throw out. Unfortunately they have a habit of scratching through the cedar chips, scattering them on to the patio, and my husband, being the man he is, sweeps up after them everyday! I'll try to get a good closeup of the towhees


Wanda said...

Chris, I really like this shot. The tall grass in the foreground makes the little bird come alive!

RUTH said...

What a beautiful bird. The birds in my garden seem to hear me pick up my camera and always fly off before I can snap them :o)

kaybee said...

He's lovely, Chris! We saw a kingfisher sitting on the telephone wires yesterday -- but he flew off before I could get my camera! And the robins were gone most of the summer, but now they are back -- six of them on the lawn this morning all at once. But no red breasts, just a speckly orange.