Monday, September 24, 2007


Our petunias are also doing well this year. Usually we don't plant too many because the caterpillars get them, but we found a solution to that pest also! Oh I know they produce beautiful butterflies, but I do like flowers.

We have a butterfly bush also, which may have been the cause of some of our problems

And who's this??? ....Someone near and dear to my heart.


Anonymous said...

nice to have you blogging again! Problems solved? Can't believe you have flowers now...we have golden or no leaves!!! But I must admit I do love fall - the crispness of the air and the lack of bugs!!!

Wanda said...

The flowers are lovely, and your Baily and my Molly would be good little Shih Tzu likes cats.

Anonymous said...

I bought some wild bird flowers a mix this spring to see what comes in a big can for $6.00. And it was OK and the last thing to come up are petunias. That surprised me. All the rest of the wild flowers and other flowers are gone.

Yes, I remember the comments you had made about the hummingbird in the waterfall. And I think you for sending along the photos to prove it. LOL

I may have already told you I was watering with a hose and some large drops of water as we had been in a drought. Anyway it wasn't a gentle mist but rather a big drops of rain. And this one small hummingbird was flying through it and would land and preen and then fly back again. That went on until I got tired.

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