Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Disturbed Days at Our House.

Henrietta has been quiet the last couple of days. Yesterday we had the gardeners come in to finish "thinning" out the yard, so she hid among the bushes most of the afternoon, though she did come out to be fed! Bailey too has not been happy. He doesn't like strangers in his yard. Then today we had to move furniture around because the carpet cleaners came. Bailey disappeared upstairs on to "his" bed (in the spare bedroom) and now doesn't like the fans we have going to help dry the carpet.

Above is a photo I took the other day, of a creature which Bailey alerted me to at about midnight. It was just running round and round in circles around the flower pot. It was going round so fast, I took more than 10 pictures before I got this one. It has a rat's tail, but I thought it was too short for a rat and its nose wasn't sharp like a rat. It was more blunt and its fur was more like the scruffy look of a hamster. It was about 4" long. I watched it for at least ten minutes, and as you can see Bailey was very interested. Eventually it swirled its way to the back of t
he patio and followed the wall into the bushes. I'm thinking it may have been a baby and was therefore blind and that's why it was going in circles -- very fast. Also it may have been a tree rat which I'm not sure how to identify. But then yesterday the garden men found a gopher's home back up in the corner where all the thick brush had been. But do baby gophers have rat-like tails? Or maybe it was a ground squirrel or is that the same as a gopher? Haven't had time to look all this up on the internet. We're steadily trying to get ready for Christmas, but Barry has had a really bad cold and hasn't felt like doing much. But we'll get there...eventually.

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Wanda said...

Chris, you are as bad as me for being a "magnet" for animals!!

Love the look on the cats face, and you can't even see his face...the expression is there!!