Tuesday, December 11, 2007

She's in Trouble Now!

Do you see the dark shadow just behind the scarecrow to the right? She has scratched out all the soil to make herself a bed there, right by the patio window - in case I forget to feed her and so she can sleep in the sun. She actually comes up and taps with her beak on the window! The husband of 'the lady of the patio' is none too pleased. He has to sweep the patio every day.

The funny thing is that when we told the neighbors about their chicken making herself at home in our yard, they said "Is it the white one or the brown one?" Well Barry was out taking a walk this morning and took the road behind our house and guess what he found....yes, "the brown one". Only the brown one is actually a rooster and he has made his home across the other side of the street behind our house. At least we don't have the rooster crowing at the crack of dawn!

Below is more of Henrietta's handiwork. She enjoys a good nasturtium salad!

Next are Henrietta's "before and after" photos. That is: before the neighbors clipped her tail thinking it would stop her flying over into our yard!

This is BEFORE:

And this is AFTER:

I am happy to say that her tail feathers are now growing back. I will try to get her IN BETWEEN photo tomorrow. That is: how she looks right now with half the tail grown in.

I must say that although she is a bit of a nuisance, she was a rather beautiful looking hen, and if she HAS to stay with us I'd rather have her with her tail than without it.

People keep asking, "Why don't you just stop feeding her, then she'll go away." But I'm not feeding her I'm feeding the birds, which is my hobby. I don't intend to give that up just because of Henrietta. I already have plans for a chicken run but I think I will have to wait until the master of the house goes away. He's not quite in favor of adopting it. However he does indulge me in my whims occasionally. In the mean time I'm hoping she will go away of her own accord -- or the neighbors could come and claim her!

(Kay, if you are reading this, you must know who I sound like! Heaven forbid!)

Sorry! This is such nonsense!

I will eventually show you some photos of Kauai.

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Wanda said...

Hi chris, Nonsense is fun...it's what makes the world tolerable!! So keep it up!!!