Thursday, December 27, 2007

This Just about Says it All!!

I don't believe this is really me and I don't believe I have actually reached 70. But my body tells me so!
Actually, I guess my brain should tell me so too. In the process of typing this up and checking it, I ran the mouse over the black cat in the side bar on this page. It meowed as it's supposed to do and I'm looking all around for Bailey saying "Where are you?" "What's the matter?" Then it suddenly dawned on me what I'd done!

My family bugged me about having a birthday cake -- note it is store bought, -- and so far we've had so much other stuff, we haven't touched it. My husband bugged me about taking a photo of how many birthday cards I got. Finally, to keep them quiet I submitted to this photo. I think that is a look of resignation on my face.

This is one of my favorite presents. Really unusual! A candle that when put in its chimney, gives off a very beautiful, flickering, rainbow-colored hologram.

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Wanda said...

Chris, what a lovely post. The pictures of your home are warm and inviting. You look absolutely lovely in front of your cake. And you don't look 70 one bit!!!
Love and Hugs
Blessings for a new year. Thanks for your comments.