Sunday, December 16, 2007

Henrietta cont....

Hmm. I sense a problem developing. I've been checking on the internet about chickens and their care. Yesterday when I did the grocery shopping I bought a head of lettuce especially for her! I think I'm in danger of getting attached. The internet says they make good pets...especially if you talk to them, which of course I do! I examined the eaten begonias this afternoon to discover that they have little green shoots growing after the rain we got last week. That's a negative, because she will eat those shoots unless I do something complicated with them. She should be laying eggs -- somewhere -- that's a negative too, because they will go bad and there's nothing worse than the smell of bad eggs, (reminds me of Yellowstone). But then, I think we have tree rats and they will probably eat them first. (Speaking of tree rats, I have another post about these for later this week). I haven't found any real positives for Henrietta yet, except that she does keep Bailey amused. The patio window is his TV and her tail is becoming more beautiful, daily.


In the mean time, my sister just sent this marvelous photo from Toronto.

Fifteen inches of snow last night! As with Henrietta I have mixed feelings about this. All the years we lived in Minnesota and Toronto we never had a massive snowstorm like this and I do like my weather to be exciting, which it rarely is, here in Southern California, unless you count wild fires as a season, which they really are, (seasonal that is). And who can deny how beautiful the snow looks? So I look at the photo with a bit of nostalgia. But no, I couldn't give up our wonderful year round weather! I'm just too thoroughly spoiled. The snow's beautiful to look at, but that's it. I don't know where my youngest son gets his love of the snow. He lives in Boise and actually sleeps out in the snow at times when he is leading troops of hikers up through the mountains in winter.

Kay (my sister) takes some really good pictures and I think she should have a blog. Perhaps she will, -- when she finishes the book she is writing. Yes, another writer in the family.


Anonymous said...

Oh no - we are heading for Toronto! Maybe all the shovelling will be done by the time we arrive (Wednesday)!
Love the chicken saga - we have one surviving one in our barn - she sleeps with the cats (above them on a metal pipe) but she does eat their food - can't figure out why they haven't eaten her!!! Not many eggs are layed in 'winter'.

Wanda said...

Oh I agree, Kay should be blogging! What a great shot, and I love the Christmas light in the foreground!! Cool!

Carol said...

Love the chicken story...I always love to see pictures of snow.We Don't have snow where I live ...Sydney Australia..We are having unusual weather though, lots and lots of rain storms and it should be a lot hotter, but I am one not to complain about the cooler weather.