Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We Went to Kauai for Thanksiving

So we went to Kauai for Thanksgiving and guess who we met....

Yup!!... Henrietta's cousin Henry!

...and cousin Isabella!...and Aphrodite... and Percy... and Elbert...and...... and actually, many, many other cousins of Henrietta's . If you don't know who Henrietta is you will have to go back in my blog a few pages.

They really weren't very interested in hearing my greetings from Henrietta. Actually, they do seem to take after her because all they wanted to do was eat!

In truth, there are chickens running wild all over Kauai. There are a few true native Hawaiian chickens back in the center of the island away from civilization, but all these others, we were told, were at one time owned by the islanders until Hurricane Iniki came and totally devastated the island back in 1992. Of course no one could tell whose chickens were whose and who wanted to run around chasing chickens? Now they have increased greatly in number. They roam the streets and gardens everywhere as freely as sparrows.


By the way I do apologize for breaking my promise to have this post up before the weekend was over. (I'm a pastor's wife so I guess that was pretty bad!) but we just couldn't cram anything more into our busy weekend. I do plan on posting more regularly from hereon, until Christmas is upon us By then you will all be too busy with your own Christmas preparations to go blog hunting.

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe you named the chickens!!! We were on Kauai right the January after the hurricane and there were a lot of chickens around then too.